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Geoffrey Berman the US attorney in Manhattan showing up at his job a day after the trump administration announced he was stepping down AG William Barr announced Berman's departure but Berman who prosecuted trump fixer Michael Cohen and launched an investigation into Rudy Giuliani isn't cleaning out his desk he argues he can't be ousted until the Senate confirms his replacement ABC legal analyst royal oaks the impasse could lead to a ruling by the Supreme Court says Columbia law school's John coffee the Supreme Court can really give us a definitive answer on this question and they won't meet again until October it would be unusual that they would handle this issue during their summer break Irma is prosecuted cases against the number of the president's friends and allies ABC news has learned that president trump had been privately pushing for the ousting of Berman and had discussed it for months with close it's close advisers a federal judge ruled today that former national security adviser John Bolton could move forward in publishing his tell all book despite efforts by the trump administration to block the release because of concerns that classified information could be exposed the judge said that after he privately viewed the material from the book that the government has argued is classified that quote the court is persuaded that defendant Bolton likely jeopardize national security by disclosing classified information in violation of his non disclosure agreement obligations Catherine folders ABC news witnesses coming forward in the Atlanta police shooting death of Richard Brooks Joe mac was at the Wendy's restaurant when Brooks was approached by officers Ralph and browsing and during the D. W. I. investigation back telling ABC news he saw Brooks resist and then he heard the officers they don't touch the taser and it escalated from there when Mr Brooks.

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