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I you go away number one david koresh had roughly twenty wives inside his waco compound definitely as young as twelve some say one was only eleven when he started having a sexual relationship with her former member david bonds says it when karesh took up with one girl he was quote having problems penetrating her because she was so young and little he told her to start using tampons the kind that you insert into make herself larger still think he is a victim of government harassment still think he just a proponent of freedom number two while the government admitted it could have handled waco in a better manner a federal judge dismissed a wrongful death civil lawsuit brought by branch dividians in 2000 clearing the government of any wrongdoing in the deaths of about eighty members of the religious sect during the disastrous 1993 standoff at the group's compound near waco texas number three a texas ranger testified that about three hundred assault rifles and pistols were found in the charred remains the branch davidian compound hours after the structure burned to the ground 93 roughly sixty of them over fully automatic m six teens you want a form of militia gulf war but you don't get to form an actual army unless you want a showdown with the us government and you will lose that showdown just like number four when he was 25 david was leaving with both a fourteen year old and a sixty eight year old creepy and in 1980's texas legal as long as you were married and you can still get married in texas at the age of fourteen with parental assent parental consent until just a few months ago until the law finally change growth and number five new info according to a report on the seat put together by the us justice department the branch davidian compound standoff with the atf and the fbi was quote unprecedented in the annals of american law enforcement never before had so many heavily armed and totally committed individuals barricaded themselves into a fortified compound in a direct challenge to lawful federal war sire show.

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