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From the valley. I'm from here and this is a big place really big and we wasn't seen like there was no you know there was no tv. There was no instagram. There's no google you can. Google see who players are now. You had to like like when you went on a circuit. That's when you actually seen the person old boy that everybody was talking about like or you heard the name and didn't even know the face and then you get around everybody's watching old has all name for real now. You have the kids in my in my mind drag class that i didn't even know it was a high school class that i've never even seen like there was never because they didn't come west because they didn't come west coast. I didn't. I was gonna go east peach jam back then. And all those Boo williams and all that stuff. So you know so unless they came here and playing like the pump tournament. I say them in vegas. I really didn't get to see how these kids you know. So that's but that's the benefit you guys got you guys get to actually watch the tallahassee and train and look and see who's developing isn't i can work on my my craft back then none none of that you know even houston in la big cities. Right there's parts of houston that people don't really know about like in la where you guys. You guys are in la right number in the valley which is not the part of la that most people are in you know so. It's a lot quieter out here but in a city like houston. It works that way too. Especially when it's a football state so the way the route that you took to. You're on the mend mr basketball in texas on the radar. We'll say and then you go a year at kansas. Then you go to houston which is basically going home right or come in the transfer decision that you made What were the benefits of that going back. I knew i wanted to come and get back to light my natural kind of had a ball more my hands whatever and then decided about to houston. I was washing initiative laterna. And i was i actually. I was out in pre-draft. 'cause i decided to test awad my freshman year and i was. On the state we're now in phoenix. And i knew james. He's using owning not from houston but play with the rod. So we kind of got a little relationship when i was in high school and Hours ago samson was talking recruiting everything in and was not gonna let you rocco he gonna let you hear players cokes. You'll be hard on but he gonna let you rock out. And i would like her day. It was like what i need to be almost. He said that he confirmed everything. And it goes. Sanson of the harz cody everyday. Well i think one game. I had like thirty next day. I'm wearing a suicide and everything. So it's like he can hold you to a standard. You can't hold yourself too. So he's making us go back home. Which is easy. Because i have my whole family support system playing in front of hometown fan so that made it a real easy decision for in that thing. What you just said that players coach is really the thing the fine and even you know come team. Usa in planet that level. You know you're game. There's just got to have the right coach that recognizes that and let's shine. The is the most important like when kids ask me about colleges. And i said whenever callers fits your style your style of play you got names but it's your style of play. Can you take your name and you put in a situation where they don't like how you play. It hurts your development. It hurts your skill or hurt your chances so you know our other people school. That's benefit to. That's going to let me do whatever. I want smaller. But she smaller school with smaller name. But i'm averaging thirty five. Trust me you don't find. You can find me so it's you know it. Just whatever system fits how you play used the best system versus the name of the school and then what you guys have run to the final four this year. We had light kosan. He wants to win go. He wants to get back stab coach qantas coach price and they were on his team. Oklahoma went to the final four. And they talk about every day. We wanna give back there like y'all ain't done this yogurt and listen to what we're talking about so just hearing that everyday in practice just kind of us. The are teammates trying to get to where they would. You got them kinda. Got edge you could. They went to the final four. You have instead of life in the hood over my head of hotel soleil. This year with mango found four and is the kind of coming in every day with my saving aveeno price might be three hours sean today on a forest the we never lost sight that and just go in there every day with mazda coaches push each other he gets one four digital. Would you say the same thing for the final four experience. We're talking about getting to the.

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