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Alert. Hello. Good afternoon. Jeez, that's we're just reading all these stories about forestation. Oh, yeah, you know. Well, let's start by talking about some of them. So the news this afternoon. Is that Academy Award winning an Emmy Award winning actress Cloris Leachman has passed away at the age of 94. She died of natural causes yesterday. And, Yeah, you know, everyone. By all accounts, it seems that she was an extremely Beloved figure in Hollywood and busy working at her for a steady like 70 years. Yes, something like that really incredible career Well, incredible, because when you think about it, Chorus Leech Mons fame really didn't start to take off until she was in her forties is that when she was Phyllis, and that's when she was Phyllis, and that's right, she when she did the last picture show, she won an Academy Award for her performance in that film. But she had been a working actress on the stage and TV and some movies for 20 years Really before Mary Tyler Moore and her fame picked up in the seventies young Frankenstein and movies like that I did grab a clip from the last picture show. If you want to listen, this is a pretty gloomy turn off spot of five first. Yes. You win an Oscar. Yeah, Here's her kind of having a bit of a breakdown in the kitchen. What am I doing? Apologizing to you? Why am I always apart.

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