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Or an occasional announcement you have this beautiful quiet serene bird's eye view of love the studios and the resort hotels and the riviera. And and coming in when you come across the waterway to art animations and pop century. Or whether you're using it to get from a park to your resort or wherever. I look east west north and south. All roads lead to disney's caribbean beach resort. But i do I am absolutely enamored with the sky liner and even more so at night. And i think you also get a new appreciation not just of the resorts look. I think the skyline was the best thing that could have happened to caribbean beach. Because what it was often for many people over looked at as a resort or a place that you would go if you couldn't you recognize the beauty of that resort and you see all these vibrant colours illuminated at night. Is i think the rivera as very quickly become one of my favorite resorts. It's gorgeous at night and enjoying that sarim if it if you like the ones that are wrap these whimsically themed. Gondolas it. It it even if i don't i'm not staying there. I have gone on occasion to ride the sky liner for the sake of riding the skylar and there's nothing better than riding at sunset and at night. You got me so giddy right now in my in my in my seclusion of isolation here in my little corner of pennsylvania so much stuff i looking forward to that's definitely one of them is the skyline Barely missed the chance. Do last time. I was there but long lines though. I think you know. I think this was actually on our list of the most romantic things to in the last night is romantic. I mean is the other one that i had on my list. One of the first things i put was writing the launch boats that night which Again on our romantic lists too but Egg these these are the launch boats either the wilderness lodge contemporary fort wilderness circuit or the grand flurry polly magic kingdom. Those are my favorites but I oftentimes will go on those boats not to get from one place to another but just for the experience of especially at night and pending on the mood. You're in The seclusion on bay lake with the the wilderness lodge launch is pretty cool. When you really out in the middle of the lake with no one around you conversely the seventies lagunas go because you do see the lights of all the resorts in the major kingdom and if you time it right you might get glimpse to fireworks so That's always a magical thing. I love to do at night and i'll do it just for the sake of doing it just because to me. That's the traction unto itself. So.

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