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On the road with them in the van you never know skirts up by the power knobs love this band I don't know what happened to my only up to see these up maybe more only only aware of to think that Detroit the power not they do that a really cool song called my babies in the CIA she changes resumes like others change their dirty underwear well that's not in this tune right here this is a skirts up off their own extra the insulting about music Friday when I come in on a a me my posted I'm trying to figure out what the country these guys are with another Israeli or American but that it shows two guys to straight up sheep dog warriors armed to the teeth charging forward looks like they've got the if you are the their fifteens but I think that's what the what the hold near and then they've got the nine troops strapped to them they've got harnesses to cure the dogs in the action other dogs are muzzled and now it says I love this and says you're not a bad **** until you've into you carry a holstered attack dog into a gun fight and that's a fact this is incredible but you got to see this picture of standing god bless you sheep dogs everywhere thank you thank you she ducks thank you your number one for the sheep dogs we do a well distended you're being a girl music but you we wouldn't have anything that we have in America I'm a stone and how many people bad mouth that try to make it solid America's horrible in fact I've got one right here and I don't know how he's got a job teaching muses **** kicked you really does kind is an S. weapon he's a professor at Yale University I mean that seals the deal right there it is news network he's making the case is but it's it's a woman's woman she needs as well Emily Jane del Emily does not some pretentious Emily Emily Jane del she's a Yale professor she says people live better in the Soviet Union then under Donald Trump that is an absurd insane crazy statement that doesn't have any any whatsoever leg to stand really I mean how how is it that management as a boulder until say the dean's office and set a up only not cut off this makes no sense at all you're making us look bad your even make an Jody Watson and foster a good record agree Yale Law School professor Emily Jane del argued on Twitter this week the people live better under the Soviet Union Americans to under president trump according to a report on the campus reform Yale Law School professor family praised the quality of life in Soviet Union a treaty was publicist Ricardo claims that she has spoken with many people who lived under the Soviet Union all of them argue their quality of life was better than it is now do you know the end of the Soviet Union right up to the bitter end more often than not you were standing in line to get food let's give us will only worse on many fronts some a little better but you might stand in line all day and whose told her of lore anger was talking about that because she was over there in the eighties but I've heard people to say that they beat did stand in line they have somebody have to hold their place and have to pay somebody or somehow trade some other food for some instant online forum if the computer all day he might be there all day and we got up there there's an orange left yeah and two loaves of bread that's it so and you get up to like five o'clock in the morning to go down and stand in line much like you do the driver's license bureau now but this woman is insane every single person I have asked in Central Asia and Eastern Europe over the past decade and a half SO life was better of the service a hundred percent now think about that the people of let's say the pool she's drawing from think about America has this **** ever gone to a Kroger Emily ever into a Kroger Yale professor Emily Jane doc how many you you cats and kittens under distant universe to Michigan how do you know this check I know some of you do I don't listen to me but if you are this this woman is a serious school take Emily the next time you're hanging out yell or she comes to you about particular Kroger walk up and down the aisles well coming down the aisle shore every single thing that's there that the Soviet Union and then take her to maybe an auto parts store and shore everything available there as an integral to a Los earn our home depot it's it's it's truly defies logic that the world's agenda driven she's got she can't really believe that but she had to say it because it's an agenda they have to destroy America one or another they're going to do it by any means necessary that's the game plan for the play by Saul and ski and this chick is drinking the Kool aid because it's time it's time for in in a quite yet let's give it another yeah okay I got those ten seconds but I want you to think about that your kids are going to school and they're here in the stuff not just at Yale and their hearing things like this are things even more absurd just so they can destroy Donald Trump and bring about a Clinton Obama fantasy camp global socialist regime you're on the edge alternative what music Friday now they stop the bad.

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