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Reset. I wish I had a studio in here so I could give you like a Mug of water in between this Brooke Bennett I've been I've been taking swigs between us on that positions but whatever you do don't wait these jobs will go fast call Tim at Brio two eight two seven twenty fifty four that's three zero two eight high roads and you're listening to the performance motorsports network the voice in motorsports I had to sneak that in there before we got off the air Welcome back to border sports madness our final segment Jacobs Yeoman and Tom Baker and where this is really really rapid fire because well we've only got about ninety seconds before we waved the checkered flag so quick Tom Toss forty names into ahead and pick one who you got taken the spoils at Talladega on Sunday oh I've Ullman because I've because he can't 'cause Hendrick because Chevy because fast and because on a roll Alex Bowman the win Alex Fair Enough I'm actually going to go with a guy who needs to jump above the cutoff line and I believe we'll do it also by winning on Sunday but I'm going with the team that Tom doesn't have any faith in right now I say the double Deuce Joey Logano works from Talladega magic and gets the job done tod Gordon his Gutsy Joey Logano is not afraid and I believe the Shell Pennzoil Ford is going to be just fine and perhaps even control this race on Sunday Talladega superspeedway whenever I ever said I didn't have any faith in Joey Lugano you didn't sound like you had any faith earlier what was just making.

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