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Shows in facebook youtube. Welcome to a crypt on report. Special many episode. What i thought about doing is because we live in switching visual society and we consume everything the streaming and watching. And you know a lot of times. Those are the only time that people are supposed to characters. I've always kind of leaned heavily on the visual side of everything. Because i love movies and always have since. I've been a child and a lot of times. That's our first introduction to things. I've noted on the podcast before that the first introduction to the character i think i remember is the place for cartoons because i remember pleasure cartoons are members from comics in the nicole movies. But i'm pretty sure for so much available at the time. I'm pretty sure. It was the flavor cartoons that i saw. I and that stuck with me so what i'd like to do is do these many episodes and kind of take a step back in. We've talked about a little bit. I think with each where we did. Our pilot season episodes but focusing just a little bit on the people who brought these characters to life on. There's a lot of discussion with the current ones which is fine. Bullets go backwards. You know we did our episode on the suits which helped inform some of these characters and we did our episodes before on the people in the pilot season. So what i'd like to talk to you about today is what i kinda dubbed the forgotten superman and it's nothing against the actor at all it's just because of the style he has been lost on everybody so up further. Do i'd like to introduce this episode. The forgotten superman kirk allen. Now kirk was superman. Excuse me sinus sinus issues going on gotta love the summer. Kirk was superman for what was called the movie serial they were short ten twelve minutes episodes. That would play before a movie back when there were no television and he was the first live action depiction now. There was the nineteen thirty nine world's fair. Which would be a year after. Superman debuted or superman was portrayed by actor. Ray middleton so technically he's the first actor to play superman but there's not a lot we can go into about superman because it was just for the world's fair. I wanted to mention him because he often is forgotten. I understand but kirk has little bit more the legacy. Because we actually got to watch him act and portray both superman in clark but i did want to give a shoutout to ray so that everyone knows. I'm not skipping. ray middleton. Now let's talk about kirk. Allen kirk allen was born october eighth nineteen ten. I'm sadly passed away..

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