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Hey your wife wants you to take out the trash is mom was visiting and bobby was a grown man he had kind of missed his window plus no one had ever seen him actually make a basket but on the other hand bobby had heard how naiko could save them money on car insurance so he switched and saved so it was all good mba playoffs tip off tomorrow with a cr triple header on espn and abc the first game on tap the warriors facing this birds in a rematch of last year's western conference finals golden state is a big favourite in this series but can they shake off their late season struggles the warriors were outscored by forty one points since march i know team the last twenty seasons when the nba title with a negative scoring margin for march first through the end of the regular season now both teams will be without key players steph curry golden state and there's no sign of kuwait leonard returning anytime soon for san antonio three mom green says they still need to respect the seven seed don't be they will allow you just about this out of our day we're more here's i take guys or the warriors will play the spurs saturday at three pm on abc but as you just heard both teams missing arguably their most important player in steph curry and kawhi leonard stephen who's the bigger loss though steph or why to me it's clearly kuwari lennon san antonio spurs have no chance of going anywhere we all know this that we know of because it's not it's the only reason that we know last year when the warriors were running roughshod over everybody in route to another nba finals appearance even with kevin durant on their roster last time we saw a wild when it mattered they were up twenty three on a golden state warriors what could wildland and putting on an absolute show and completely rattling the golden state warriors until joschka per julia undercut am and so what we have is a situation where the san antonio spurs are good team exceptionally well coached with an overachiever right now like lamarcus aldridge who's been balling rudy gay is back in the line of etc but in in the same breath we all know that we don't give them much of a.

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