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And in case you're wondering it is said that caesar did in fact collect most if not all of that outrageous sum of money that he had been owed by ptolemy the twelfth and this was another benefit of being in a relationship with clear pat you're caesar would have access to the purse strings of egypt when he needed them and this access also answers the question as to why caesar didn't fully annex egypt into the roman fold after the war for alexandria he didn't need to he had all the benefits of annexation but without the headaches of worrying about a roman governor in egypt using the country's vast resources to raise an army and push back against rome itself being in a relationship with cleopatra and leaving legions there to protect her meant that he had no worries about revolt and rebellion in the region and then also ensured his access to the wealth of egypt when he needed it on june 23rd of forty seven b c e cleopatra gave birth and how do we know the exact date there was an inscription made on a stone slab and that stone slab today sits in the louvre in paris the baby was a boy and cleopatra named him ptolemy caesar the stone slab supposedly reads it as pharaoh caesar and others have referred to him as ptolemy the 15th but history would come to know him by a different name a nickname supposedly given to him by the people of alexandria themselves and that name was to syrian which means son of cesar or little caesar a some sources say now the birth of syrian presumably the next pharaoh of egypt would have been no small event in alexandria and in fletcher study of cleopatra she goes into.

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