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What we see on ninety two point one FM. and this morning news it is seven twenty six the temperature of sixty seven degrees Jeff right well joining us at seven thirty five mega Nichols from Memphis business journal seven forty five under pants under siege in New Jersey as sponsors John saucier a reports there's been a paint the heist we've been working to identify a trio of thieves a recently sold about four hundred pairs of underwear valued over four thousand dollars from a Victoria's secret surveillance footage showing a woman and two men entering the lingerie retailer in Marlton New Jersey and quickly making off with two large bags of those pricey Panisse the police department says the trio also suspected of committing the same style shoplifting from a Victoria's secret store in Yonkers and queens New York John saucier a fox news shame shame my goodness and finally we've got Massachusetts dog owner is relieved when her pet returns home after disappearing for a year here's Robbie Dawson the dog had been missing ever since the aftermath of a series of natural gas explosions and fires in several towns in November twenty eighteen all Degrassi a ball there and tells the eagle Tribune newspaper that her fourteen year old Pekingese should soon mix named Burgo bolted out the door of her sister's house in Lawrence while she was forced from our home a few days ago some boys found the dog in the street and reported it to police fortunately the dog had a microchip him because of that Virgo involved there re re ignited Tuesday rob Dawson fox news all right fantastic sixty seven degrees Jeff right well up next Meghan Nichols next half hour bomb of the hour news weather and traffic sixty seven degrees at seven twenty eight..

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