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I was reading a story about macaroni, and cheese the bussey macaroni, and cheese and. A headline I usually click Yeah Seventy one percent of people use a four when eating macaroni and, cheese and I read this and I, go what kind of psychopath will use a spoon the? Macaroni If anyone on this, show us a spoon Makati's your fire. Yeah we'd have. Taught that's what I can't believe over a quarter people use a, spoon MAC and cheese my kids use, spoons but that doesn't camera his dad themselves they're correct Yeah does anyone on this show us. A spur Mike Mike d. Does because it's like? Soupy and the cheese soup so you? Spoon. You it depends on what kind of MacIntosh The Kraft MAC and. Cheese your psycho yes? That's why we call him psycho Mike Quiet Mike Mike, psycho Mike. Also, on the list wrong with you man MAC and cheese is definitely a fork of course. It is soup no someone else different to prepare, your MAC and cheese then, if it's, sue, over, to Morgan number two now speaking crazy young. Kids Actor. Josh Lucas who people may know as. Jake Perry's from sweet home. Alabama shared that he reached out to Reese Witherspoon basically. Asking him to do a sequel since we home. Alabama so, he calls Reese I've been out of work for a long time oh man he hasn't done anything. Since I don't know I'm. Hurting me out Follow up And then. Together, now, yeah yeah I. Watched it did he take your jewelry store and that's the same all the. Diamonds, go yeah that's that's her. Original say that's not who she ended up now No Dr MC dreamy girls didn't know that eight macaroni and. Cheese Okay so? He's saying do, a sequel has he been in, anything recently Morgan number. Two nothing big that people would know. But she's really busy so. I don't know. If it'll have I really wanted to happen. I love Alabama he's like? The? Poor man's Matthew mcconaughey right am I right about him Hey so, they. Went find me in mcconaughey As the same sensibilities. Well, fi really. Enjoyed him in that movie. Yeah me too, I remember watching liking, it but I mean, I, remember thinking other let's just Matthew mcconnahey You, must have been what's, his name Josh Lucas And you feel, good about this yeah. I mean if it happens I will probably cry, it'd be really happy about that by the way Morgan number two tweeted that she. Had tears, of joy and. Rise talking to lunchbox she tweeted it looked. Up there were no, tears in her, eyes watery Do you really need Twenty four year. Olds a dramatic on so that's why I don't like l. like I was sitting right next to you, when you wrote LL you're laughing out. Loud, same same. Star. Yeah hate that yeah Tears of joy what did you. Think, of that. Guy.

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