US, North Korea hold 'productive' talks on war remains


May to resume business the company's shares marked a month's high in hong kong and rose by the ten percent daily limit in shenzhen washington's decision resolves a look a months long moratorium the thrust that t e into the center of a u s china trade disputes and threatened to choke off the components it needs to make its networking gear and smartphones just looking at the issue in hong kong higher by sixteen point six percent right those year top stories now for the latest in global news here's bloomberg's leeann guarantee good morning nara officials from the us and north korea on meeting to discuss the return of remains of american soldiers killed in the korean war the us called the tubes productive the pentagon estimates that north korea holds about two hundred sets of remains roughly fifty three hundred americans are still missing during the three year war that ended in nineteen fiftythree italy's interior minister has scored another victory in this month long battle against my gration this comes off portugal and spain joined other eu countries saying they will accept some migrants support to ships in the mediterranean bloomberg's kara albanese has more in a letter sent to all the governments of you member countries prime minister just have asked them to share responsibilities for people entering the union illegally vesey germany france and malta have a radio that some people while other countries including hungary said that would be against this request in rome calvinism bloomberg daybreak europe turkey's credit rating is lowered fixtures president urged one tightens his grip on the economy bloomberg symond democrat looks at the reasons given behind fitch's downgrade turkey was cut deeper into junk territory by fitch ratings which cited the nation's widening current account deficit rising inflation and declining economic policy credibility its rating is now two notches below investment grade in istanbul symon donna can bloomberg daybreak europe and francis first world.

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