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Talk about brady because he's a player who's there and then tom talk to think so tom talks he'll talk about talk he won't talk about why he skipped why not because he's got things but he's gonna get asked about it all right we'll see how it goes you know we'll see yeah the the patriots have a mini camp going on right now also teams he got four teams this we got the lions having a mini camp you got the bears having a mini camp you have the patriots have any old the mandatory minicamp and then there's a fourth one new york football john your football giants no the dolphins have those are the four and then everybody else has their minicamps next week the twelfth through the fourteenth all right and then everyone will be done then we break then there will be a summer situation called train camp we'll play some preseason game and then there will be actual football all right that were suing people will be paying attention to or what ninety four days i think so the start of the season week before that old college football by the way craig t nelson on an our number three speaking of minnesota state finished well apparently he's a big college football fan okay more so than the national football league and he's he's a big golf fan we're tiger woods gave everybody nice little ride at the memorial over the weekend we'll get to that okay what else you caches march he he's having a great time attention this season i'm not really sure but we'll his comments now are talking about jimmy garoppolo of course he was claimed by the forty niners and he said he kinda called garoppolos emergency said i knew i knew it was coming because with the patriots he would shred our defense every day said well he's leading the charge of hey i was the guy who's in new england and now i'm having so much more fun because you don't.

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