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The dow jones show your job one sure only alex judge serve tilt to the next door told me wolfensohn bring owned bush and regularly gas on the clutch to him again being a wild moolah moment we have another man who needs no introduction the website his stone cold truth ball calm is rogers stone raja before the break house took him out of this huge scandal but noone is covering besides fox news i'm debbie wasserman schultz is the all the it staff of the dnc riccione by it in after he was arrested months after all these criminal charges were against him why is three hundred thousand dole's to pakistan he spam which smashnova overhauled drives this is a guy who asked direct access to the it serve as the dnc he's colluding potentially with a foreign government is colluding potentially as tony schaefer said last night with the muslim brotherhood terrorists tobin isolation how on earth is this not a big scandal here want to the likes of cnn been able to ignore this huge story you're right over cooked hurt larry impact even quite we were booked after the capitol police warned aaron katersky two two package beauty brothers in accra wasserman schultz and repair claude control employee of the house of representatives to ensure that they would have access to the house of representatives peterson a total of betty whatever they were up to two key questions rated be capitol hill ali court won't you me but it should be ending or return of our drives are often increasingly he also include the two brothers to nineteen other democratic members of congress who then opened their it contract to them meaning that they burrowed in to be democratic getting activity to all about information including obviously financial in probation because capital police invest day holiday a what you know why your finger gatien but we're in the washington post new york times cnn i didn't even abdo coordinated way undo period republicans will nominate carlos holding american republican orbit a registered nurse degree korea angle mother would treat show grid very correct very articulate um liberty republican it got like three against maxine waters going to be about corrupt it rather than ideology.

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