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A very devout catholic so in two thousand seventeen during her confirmation to be a pellet court judge diane feinstein when they're asked amy coney barrett about her religion read your speeches the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lips loudly within you and that's of concern it's pretty hard to believe because dianne feinstein is jewish and certainly there are a lot of people in the jewish faith who know about religious discrimination and for her who has i'm sure experienced in her younger years discrimination because of the fact that she's jewish would go to the point where she would actually point out that your religion your dogma loudly lives within you so it also is clear in our country where there shall never be a religious test for anybody in any place of any office ever in this country never ever ever really just test and yet dianne feinstein said hey you seem pretty catholic to me and i don't know about you that's a problem for me so i don't know if the president is going to go there or not i don't know what dianne feinstein would do with another round of going back and asking her questions about hey are you going to consult the pope what are you going to do i can't believe dianne feinstein who's smarter than that knows that there is no litmus test of for any office in this country that's a religion litmus test but she applied one try to insinuate that there was a problem she totally insinuated it she has a problem with her being a devout catholic well howard kurtz talks about this says that many people decides die fi are skeptical of amy coney barrett because of her deep religious roots in the case of amy coney barrett maybe a little bit of a thought on a scale because we have a lot of things being written al about how this judge is a devout catholic how she belongs to a little known christian group would that affect her rulings in fact when she was confirmed by the senate for the appeals court in chicago there was a bit of a dust up between senator dianne feinstein and judge barrett about this very question would she would would it be some sort of spillover of her personal religious beliefs and many conservative writers saying this is not fair the press setting up a religion test so we see the skirmish playing out before the president has even made up his mind or announced destroys yeah and he also how it goes on to talk about the fact that the press either doesn't like her or they're just relying what is being said about her yeah it's a fine line i mean we want to know a lot about the potential next justice of the supreme court and if that person has written controversial things or been involved we wanna their records wherever they work how do they think all that makes sense but what the degree of coverage again even before any selection is made of amy coney barrett is strikes me as a press either trying to pick a fight or perhaps reflecting a fight that's already going on and conservative legal circles so you think that's a legitimate question to have on picking the supreme court that about somebody's religion eight five five two nine five sixty six hundred be right back some of you get pretty vicious the problem is you've got to find somebody that cares tom sullivan we're sound income strategies and baby boomers who work.

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