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A crowd had gathered outside a north london mosque following midnight prayers a man was being treated for a heart attack when a van rammed the crowd injuring ten a man being treated died the and came one positive enough the road the buslane so you ask him on the bosnian hits us up well you acid a mockup of acid around mobile police say the driver of the van a 48yearold man has been arrested and charged with attempted murder officials are treating the incident as a suspected terror attack a popular resort in mali the scene of a terror attack yesterday the local security ministry says at least two peak people have been killed on local video from the scene heavy gunfire can be heard on smokers shown rising from the result which is on the southern outskirts of mali's capital bamako alqaedalinked terrorists are known to be active in the area and claimed responsibility for an attack on a hotel in bamako in 2015 in in which are least twenty people died fox's paul till's lee reporting that three attackers were killed a fourth was able to escape a us navy f eighteen hornet shot down a syrian jeb yesterday and syrian aircraft was targeted by the american fighter after military officials say it bombed us backed rebels fighting i isis in the region the navy's acting secretary promising a full investigation into saturday's collusion between an american destroyer and a cargo vessel in the sea of japan led collision killed seven american sailors in a statement acting secretary sean stack expressing sadness over the laws of the sale there's he also praised those onboard the uss fitzgerald for saving the ship following that collusion fox news.

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