Prince Philip, Virginia, Senator Elizabeth Warren discussed on Sean Hannity


Looking for. Possibly three subjects notice Christian at this point in time. But we are looking for a bread Nissan Altima Buckhead police say the victim's family identified the man as twenty eight year old, Sean Moberly. Breaking news. I I this is w SP twenty four hour. Continuing news Virginia's embattled Lieutenant governor, Justin. Fairfax says he still has no plans to resign as he refutes sexual assault allegations ABC's Zachary Kishan Richmond with an update on the other situation. Putting a spotlight on Virginia's leaders governor Ralph Northam emerging from seclusion paying respects at the funeral of a fallen officers. The governor also breaking his silence in an interview with the Washington Post saying he refuses to resign for admitting the wearing black face. Adding the humbling experience better positions him to push an agenda of racial reconciliation. Meanwhile, Senator Elizabeth Warren declaring her presidency. Speaking to supporters today, saying Rick system is squeezing average working Americans an minorities, the path has gotten rockier and steeper for hardworking families across this country and for people of color. It has. Got even rockier and even steeper. And I am here. Because I believe we need to change that across the pond Buckingham Palace announcing ninety seven year old Prince Philip husband of Queen Elizabeth has now surrendered his driver's license voluntarily this after a traffic accident last month and in which his Land Rover hit a smaller car, injuring the two people inside Skynews Royal correspondent Brennan mills was extraordinary rally that people had managed to get out to that accident without much more serious injuries. Of course, it was then forty hours off to the accident that Prince Philip was then again seen out driving a knee replacement. Call and the time he was wearing a seatbelt. And I think he could face quite a lot of criticism WSB news time is ten or three. A check on traffic and weather is next your commute.

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