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The side streets little more ice potential on roads north and west side of the Metro. Also with the earlier freezing rain, some ice covered vegetation leans over and outside travel lanes on tree line, parkways and roadways. The interesting thing, though, is that the frequency of crashes has fallen substantially over the past couple of hours. You'll still see people driving too fast, but fewer seem to be crashing. Nevertheless, on defense, keeping your speeds in check, especially now that we're getting close to sunset. Reese. Refreeze potential is going to be certainly much higher in the next hours to come. So what's now? Mostly just wet pavement on the highways, audit off ramps, just random patches of ice, maybe a little bit more widespread over the next couple of hours, so again on defense, expecting the unexpected. And if you're driving north and west like, well, north and west of Washington out through Hagerstown Boonsboro parts of Frederick and Carroll County's. You're expecting some moderate snow right now and snow covered roads for sure. Even parts of I 70 over South Mountain to longstanding crashes eastbound before Boonsboro, the right side blocked in westbound west of Mount Airy through 27, the right side block that one involved a car that slid underneath a tanker truck. You don't want to end up in that position so better off. Not traveling out this way. If you don't have to. Public transit gets you where you need to go, even an unprecedented times in count on Northern Virginia's trains and Busses for next trip is that no override start or playing. You're safe and healthy trip. David Alden. W T o P. Traffic To my extent, afeard. Light snow will continue across the far northern suburbs this afternoon for the rest of the region. Messy mix of light snow, sleet and freezing rain and there is.

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