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It's now 7 16 in the top stories we're following for you on WTO and knew this morning the United Nations says the number of people fleeing Ukraine has reached 2 million buses packed with people fleeing the Russian invasion began leaving one city in eastern Ukraine today as a new effort to evacuate civilians along safe corridors finally got underway previous attempts to lead the civilians being led to civilians being attacked by Russian forces Congressional negotiators have reportedly reached agreement on legislation that would ban Russia Russian oil imports to the U.S. and Russia's permanent normal trade relations status The White House has been reluctant to ban Russian oil imports as gas prices at the pump spike for Americans but has not ruled out the option Mass could soon be optional at Montgomery county public schools as the county school is the county board of education is expected to lift the mandate during its meeting today That move does have support from the schools the largest union Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just a minute The Defense Department says it will close its biggest fueling site in the Pacific We get that from federalist network Scott marioni Red hill storage facility in Hawaii has provided a strategic fueling station for the United States since World War II Now after multiple leaks spills and community sickened by jet fuel in the water supply The Pentagon says it's closing the site the Defense Department will provide a plan for deep fueling the facility by the end of May DoD says it will redistribute the fuel to other areas and work with industry partners on finding new storage locations Scott mascioni federal news network Up ahead on WTO D.C.'s mayor is making another push to boost police staffing levels I'm Shana stolin 7 18 Traffic.

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