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And welcome back to coast to coast. Randall Sullivan with us the name of his book, of course, is the curse of oak island, very thorough work. I don't want to talk about the end of the books. Randall I never do. But if you went back again, what would you look for? I'd be hoping that I've pushed onto this that the brothers would try to do a little more offshore investigation. Because like I said the ocean has risen and tunnels. I think entered at a point that is now underwater, so I think. More intensive search of the. See bottom very close to shore might repeal away him. The money pit. So that's what I'd encourage. But. When I when I go back when I do go back. I just look at what they've done and by the scale of it. And I mean, you know, they keep finding things I mean, it's Kim. Tim pacing makes endlessly fascinating. His people keep discovering things that are totally unexpected. I mean, the surveyor Fred Knowle's discovery of these five stolen five about six times. A former a perfect cross somebody. And then when geologists looked at them, they realize the bottles were to smooth to explain except had to be bragged into position. So somebody. Hundred years ago drag these stones wing and put them into the alignment of perfect GM geometric alignment up across. It's like why would I have no idea why they did that. But there had to be some reason. And it's stuff like that. You just keep endlessly finding could it could it be portal to something to some place. Well, I mean all could it be. I don't I certainly I told you before the very first time I said by the money pit I had that idea came to my mind that fear actually, it was actually you can feel it. I this sort of moment of panic and fear that there was something down there that might so. So. Seem completely irrational. If you put it out of my mind. Similar experience. It became less dismissive of it. Let's go back to the phones of this. Final segment. Anti in Alabama Hilla, Wendy, go ahead. I would look for laylines remote viewing. I see a huge game bigger than you can imagine. Go. Festival. When they would prey on. So they decided to create another entrance this before scuba diving. You'll be dangerous even the best scuba gear. Because. Well, let's give divers don't always make it especially if they go into tunnels. It's the worst thing for scuba diver to to do. So you said they were how many deaths that you know of Randy. There have been six, you know, man, somehow, that's that's created this legend. I'm not sure who originated. You know, the the pressure can be found until seventy died. So everybody's holding their breath. I guess to see who number seven is. And. Sure, nobody wants to be that person. But but there have been six confirmed downstream. Chase. I mean. What makes it so dangerous donder cave-ins? Came here, and he was running machinery deep underground crates carbon monoxide poisoning. But it's amazing. How many people have actually survived heathens nearly been killed in Greg out covered in bugs attached to the early days that happen regularly. It's actually amazing. This fewer having died. Or somebody's being lowered on? Bucket from collapsed. Fell to the bottom. That's one death row or a boiler exploded. Somebody was called to death. When you say that the some things have been found down there, some kinds of artifacts. What would they be beyond? Like, you said, a scissors. What else is out there? I mean when they pumped out one of the whole shafts near the money pit. They used air pressure to puppet. You know, all these scraps of metal that were soft metal. Pretty obviously from an earlier time, and then they were carbon dated. The chief metallurgy diagnosing company in the world. Which is I think it's in Sweden or something. Dated back to the to the. Before seventeen hundred. So I mean. To me, the most recent discoveries the human remains and the and the temperature cross. But but there, you know. But like, I said, you know, Fred Nolan finding those stones shape for cross and geologists confirming that they were dragged into position I mean that that would still. But, you know, having what they've actually blocked up from underground to make to confirm. It's all tantalizing. I mean, the thing that. In eighteen ninety five the first I drill was in town. They came up with some. It was really primitive drill color, and it was just some sort of stuff. Stuck in the mud rushing it out? And there was a one little thing. They couldn't identify. It was about the size of a kernel of corn or something. They took it to a local physician the best microscope in Nova Scotia. He used his tweezers to spread it out the microscope and it turned out. It was a piece of parchment with the. India ink with a quill pen and had just a few letters on it. But again, what was that doing down there and hold wasn't my gosh. They don't. Unknown Wilton and parchment. So it's clearly David, you know, to at least the seventeenth century east of the Rockies Philip is with us in New Jersey. Phil go ahead. Yes. Good evening. How are you gentlemen? Good 'til. Thank you. Yes. I had a two questions one if they travel this far across the oceans, and also you go ahead and bury this and they took the time to back then. Oh, I would figure maybe shovels and picks at best and they're digging down hundreds of feet deep where they're finding some of these artifacts now and even today with this material that we have what machinery and whatnot. We're we're. I've been one hell of a time trying to get to that depth. And once we got there, we're we're we're locked up and these guys apparently went through with shoveling picks to begin with and my second. The question was why would they go through the trouble of burying something so deep and so hard to access and never come back for that is exactly the sixty four thousand dollar question fill that we've been bantering around tonight. Why hide something where you might not be able to ever get it again? To me, if you're going to hide something you do it because you don't want anybody to find it us like it's evidence or something. And you're you're you're trying to hide something or cover something up. What do you think of that Randall? Well, I think that's possible. I mean, they can't entirely rule out the possibility that they did come back and get it. You know? Right. Who knows I mean? I mean, the the argument against that is the fact that the money pit was so perfectly intact. I mean, it was a shaft that had been dug out he'll softer the middle hard hard. Between these heart. Surrounded it, and you know, somebody come back that way to get the treasure. They wouldn't have sealed it all back up like it was just left a mess. So if they did get it they came in another way, or as you say they were trying to put something down there that no one would ever get when you think it was constructed. Well might have. I do have speculated about that. Just because based on early accounts of seeing these. The old oak stumps with Moscow going on the top of them. And then the new trees growing just. Arborist confirmed this. Had happened. Hundreds of years before discovery in seventeen ninety five wouldn't have looked that way. So it could you know, really couldn't have happened. If those early accounts are true. I don't think it couldn't have happened any sooner than about sixteen hundred how long do you think with primitive tools of shovels and picks? How long do you think it took to dig that hole in how many people had to be hoisted down in you know, up and down to do that one of the best engineering firms and candidates? I mentioned earlier which they got the schematics. They were using basically underground radar. You know? Map the thing and their their analysis was about one hundred thousand man hours, which they would have them forty men working for year. So I guess that's the answer forty that. That doesn't even include the beach. So right, where at least a hundred thousand pounds of removed, and the beach thing could have come later though. Right. It's possible. That's another thing about see you can't you can't definitively conclude that they all happen at the same time at one time or by the same group of people. I mean, it's occurred to me, and I'm not the only one that somebody the money pit the people that are them searchers who who were looking for this treasure before seventeen ninety five was the pit or the whole ever covered at any time. After it was opened up. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, initially when those those boys I got into it when twenty feet down, they covered it sort of loose fill the back in branches of things over to hide it because they didn't want anyone else to know about it. And in some civil years to find somebody who will put up the money. The money guy there and showed him what they had and he found investors too. Yeah. Create a real expedition. Dozens and dozens of people who were remarkable last eighty seventy feet. The money pit before it flooded. First time caller, Bruce in San Diego. Hi, bruce. Mr. Mr. Solomon, good good. Every with us. Yes. Just to get really right to the heart of this thing. It's clear to me. I mean, we're we're not up against the cold or the supernatural or aliens or anything else on silent. What they're up against here is transcendent human genius. Whoever designs. Oversaw the construction of this thing, we're we're talking to Finci level intelligence. Yes. Now, we also know when this was done. Now, my understanding is. I mean, the biggest clue we've got all of this hasn't really even been talked about here tonight. That's the coconut fibers that were used to fill those what tunnels so they wouldn't clock up with sand. Explain that I it was carbon dated decades ago. And they came up with an age of six hundred years coconut fibers that means that that was all put in somewhere around the year, fourteen hundred at also accounts for the fact that there are no accounts of anybody ever seeing any activity on that if it was done as latest speier sixteen hundred so it also explains. And it also belies all the talk about pirate treasure because there was no piracy operating in the new world in fourteen. So whatever is down has nothing to do with pirate treasure. What do you think could be down there, Bruce, if anything it had to be something like it's been mentioned had been brought from Europe was the only place and the coconut fibers to those have been DNA sequence. We even know what all the cooking apply came from. I don't remember the name of the sixteen hundred miles away two thousand tonnes of it just in the areas where they know the has been cleared. Okay. Multiple shiploads. And a lot of a lot of people. I'm thinking hundreds of people working on that island. And don't forget Nova Scotia, you can't work all year up there. You're going to get that work done over the course of a single calendar year. You've got about six months of time to really do that in a single count. They were hiding something they were and it had to have been something that was so important. They wanted to keep it down there for a long time. This was something they wanted to do you think they ever had plans to go get it again. There's no evidence that anybody who's been down there since it was originally put there. Otherwise, those kids would not run into undisturbed longer platforms. This they were digging down, by the way, I can tell you what those were for the lock platforms. What were they? Absolutely those kids saw that depression in the ground only because my guess was late in the afternoon. The sun was coming in at a shallow angle and that grazing incidence elimination showed that childhood interesting. Let's get your reaction Randall in the minute, we have left. Go ahead. Well, I I one thing. I do agree. Pretty astute. Those platforms probably were used to to prevent compaction of the ground to sort of hide, you know, not to not make the depression. So obvious. I think that is true. Dating. The coconut fibre will it's a little wider range than that. I mean, carbon dating is not that exactly. It's within a often within is Bruce right about the coconut fibres. All over the place coconut fibre, which will be used his stomach report shit aboard ships in the. Fifteen sixteen seventeen hundred. So, you know, but it would if you're right. No, no single ship. Could've could've brought hall that coconut fibre. But I don't necessarily agree with the fourteen hundred timeframe, but I'm not I'm not dismissing it. I'm just saying that there's other evidence isn't consistent, regardless. It's a pretty interesting engineering feat is an it's oh fantastic. Engineering feat. I mean that is actually what sort of pointed me to the whole Francis Bacon thing partially. I mean, let's talk a bit too damn Blankenship said whoever did this was the smartest. So being the history. Well, I gotta tell you random great job with the book. The Kercheval Kyle Linda, it's a great read. And that's an incredible mystery in next next one year, right? Make sure you come back again. Okay..

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