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So this week. The House of Representatives should be transmitting articles of impeachment to the Senate Secretary. POMPEO is of course right in the middle of that scandal as well. Have you gotten a chance to speak with him or anyone inside his administration. Since all of this testimony began to come out in November from people who worked closely with Pompeo on what was happening in the Ukraine. I have not spoken to him But I you know I have spoken to people in inside and around the State Department and I think it's impossible to see The Ukraine scandal as it has morphed and unfolded as has not having a major impact on his political future You know before all of that It seemed very clear that he was headed towards running for Senate in Kansas in twenty twenty You know a as the first step in trying to set himself up to run for president in twenty twenty four. The Ukraine scandal has really had a deleterious effect on his Running of the State Department on Morale Inside the State Department and I think in many ways has tied his his future so inextricably to Donald Trump himself that Mike pompeo ultimately decided not to run run for the Senate and is going to stay on as secretary of state. And he you know. I think that there is no who future for Mike Pompeo That is not aligned perfectly. With and as a key member of the trump administration we were talking about how Pumpido has really consolidated power. He's installed allies all over the administration but consolidating power like that. It means that when things go wrong he also have the full responsibility. Yes that's true if you admit that anything is wrong and You know I think that sort of part of the wonder of the trump administration is their ability to no matter what happens wins Declare victory and say that this is exactly what they intended all along so the key question has become will people like secretary pompeo actually testify when this trial moves forward in the Senate. I wonder what you think secretary. Pompeii oh the witness would even look like. I don't think we have any idea What Mike Pompeo As a witness would look like in part because I would imagine that there is no one less likely to testify then. Mike Pompeo That you know I I. I'll bet donald trump himself would testify before Mike pompeo would And that's because for pompeo there is absolutely absolutely no upside to participating in this impeachment inquiry in any way I you know I. It has already already mind his moral moral authority within his own building and any attempt Any testimony that it opens even the smallest crack Between him and the president would go against every impulse that Mike pompeo has has had since the day that he started the administration. There's an irony there where it's you know. Mike pompeo made his name in the Benghazi Investigation Russian. Talking to Secretary Clinton this is sort of the the oddest irony of the this whole saga. Is You know Mike Pompeo. Ah The congressman would tear apart on the witness stand. Mike Pompeo the secretary of State That there is of all of the people who have reinvented themselves for the trump administration. There is no debate that I would rather see than between it. Mike Pompeo Congressman Mike Pompeo Secretary of State Garrett graff. Thank you so much for joining me. Thanks for having me Garrett graff is a contributing reporter at wired. He's also the executive director of the Aspen. Institute's Cyber and Technology Program mm-hmm and that's the show. What next is produced by Mary? Wilson Jason Leone Daniel Hewitt and Mara Silvers. I'm Mary Harris. Thanks for listening. I'll talk to you tomorrow..

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