Trump lifts donor disclosure for some tax-exempt groups


Our elections they did interfere elections it's really clear there should be no. Doubt about that it's also clear, that it didn't have a material effect on our elections but as a. Result of that we passed tough sanctions. On Russia so that we can hold them accountable I understand the desire and. The need to have good relations that that's perfectly reasonable but Russia is a menacing government that. Does not share interests and it does. Not share our values and I think. It should be made very very clear here's what we have already done. And here's what we. Could continue to do which is to put sanctions on. Russia are you just saw the indictments from the special counsel those GRU. Officers I've already seen the intelligence, they were the people that that conducted this suburb tack on our elections We'd, already put in place sanctions if. The financials if the foreign affairs committee. Or in the financial services committee and the Senate banking committee think that there, are other sanctions that we have not yet placed upon Russia. I'm more than, happy to consider those Russia did meddle with our elections not only did Russia meadow in our elections they're doing it around the world they did it to France they did it to Moldova they're, doing it to the Baltics Russia is trying to. Undermine, democracy itself to. De-legitimize, democracy so for some reason they can look good by comparison let's just be really clear about that and the point we're making here is we know the interfere with our elections and we. Have passed sanctions on Russia to hold them accountable and more importantly what we intend to do is to make sure that they don't get away, with it. Again and also to help our, allies to help those democracies those new and, older democracies in the world we're going. To be facing this kind of Russia again this Russia's, aggression again we. Need to make sure that. We can equip them with the tools they need to stop this from Opening their democracies on. The, Muller issue I've. Been, clear from day one he should be allowed to finish as investigation and carry out his work nothing's changed A, Senator Marco Rubio says he can guarantee the Russians will interfere with the next. Election and he's pushing legislation to impose tough sanctions if they do many lawmakers asking what. Happened behind closed doors during that two hour meeting with Vladimir Putin Mike Pompeo is set to testify next week. On that, President Trump tweeting just moments ago Russia's agreed to help with North Korea where. Relationships with us are very good in the process is moving along he says there's no rush the sanctions remain big benefits and exciting future for. North Korea at the end of the process of the. Trump administration's lifting requirements that some tax exempt groups disclosed the identities of donors to federal tax authorities the. Change, benefits groups that spend millions on political ads Republicans accused the IRS during the Obama administration of liberal bias and unfair targeting of conservative tax. Exempt groups now those groups figure. Among the organizations allowed to withhold their names of donors under the new. Policy announced Late Monday treasury officials portrayed the changes as. Important free speech and privacy protections but critics see it as opening the door to more dark money in political campaigns meanwhile unions from around the country are pouring money into Missouri ahead of a statewide. Vote that, could ban mandatory union fees at workplaces it comes just weeks after the supreme. Court issued a ruling that delta blow to public sector unions the group fighting a ballot measure that would make Missouri right to work state is. Outraged opponents by nearly six million dollars over the past. Four months a deadly wildfire near Yosemite national park is filled the area with smoke but it's not keeping. Tourists away from the popular destination despite the conditions tourists are still coming tourist dependent businesses are still open We've seen just a lot, of a lot of smoke the smell of smoke when we went back, to our hotel last night or. Close definitely small lakes Anything We've been planning on coming here for years and finally made it but little. Disappointed but like I, said we're here Here we actually. Have not seen. Any cancellations so which is great and it's not packing business come through forty-one restaurants. Is still open everything, still open That's important to get the message. Out the business Audio courtesy.

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