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Thing that partnerships and not just business partnerships marriages. I mean, I don't know what the divorce rate is go, but the long term relationships frequently don't work, and that is why when a business partnership does work it's notable. And it could be the secret sauce behind the success of a business. What what you're asking is is maybe close to impossible to answer. It was there's so many indefinable about how people, you know, make decisions and get along and. But clearly there's a basis in in in values, you know, just sort of basic values that that was behind our friendship to begin with. And that has allowed us to work well together in business. I love that. I know you guys have really strong values with philanthropy. You guys are very into keeping things green Hanky panky, which I adore in love because I do my best in my home to St. green. And I use you know, ten or not ten but metal straws, and I bring my back's to the store. So I love that your company really takes all that into consideration. Can you share how you've stayed green? And why you guys state green? And what that means to you. I am a long term environmentalist way way back. And so when we started our company we tried to implement. As much responsibility as we could in being so. One of the main things is staying in this country when everyone else every other company was fleeing to create a a higher margin in their products. Oh, yes. And we stayed knowing that we had a special product and a special customer that we could manage it to to sell it a certain price point and succeed with that. So we were able to stay which is a huge part of being sustainable, keeping our carbon footprint Smalls using as many resources in the United States, and keeping helping to keep them viable as well. So I would say about seventy percent of our fabrics and materials and trims come from this country. But one hundred percent of our productions done here, all of our all of our showing is done in the northeast of the United States. That's mainly mainly in the boroughs. I met so cool. Thank you. We also try to implement as many responsible of moves in within the company like using recycled paper for the machine the copy machines like instead of water bottles. We have filters for the water system from the tap. We do electric recycling. Encourage people to bring in discarded electronics from home because we are we do belong to this program. So we were able to ship them out in large batches, we have it's an envelope. That is an option when you check out of our website that you can receive.

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