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How does that Affect getting the vaccine out as quickly as you say as needed. So i think in most of the public health responses that was part of the chicago department of public health large national efforts were best when they were coordinated at the federal state and local levels. We know that state and local governments are really playing critical roles but it also requires federal oversight to provide that kind of coordination to make sure that the states and moguls of need more vaccine. Get the vaccine. Those who are who need help and other ways technical assistance or manpower that they get those resources while so it's this federal state and local coordination. That's really essential. But i'm seeing play out with. The current administration is that there is more of that coordination. that's happening. Federal government is stepping in to provide a digital resources to pharmacies. They're also providing additional services to community health centers so this coordination is starting to happen. And i think we'll see improved distribution of vaccine as a result in dr. Maria got about thirty seconds left. But what do you say to the idea that it shouldn't matter who is getting the vaccine. So long as people are getting the vaccine. Doesn't that mean more. People are getting vaccinated and starting to lower our rates. I don't think it's an either or we can definitely administer vaccines quickly do it. Equitably and now that resources are flowing from the federal government it can actually happen quickly as well as equitably. That's what's really important. Dr julia morita. Thank you for joining us. It was good to see you again. All the best picture back with more chicago tonight. Latino voices right after this. Television is brighter and more lifelike than ever today. So it's easy to forget that those screens used to be tiny grey grainy and an absolute marvel of technology for their time a little known chicago. One of puerto rican heritage was a pioneer in that early technology. Here's some of his story. Ooh a new business incubator. Launching humboldt park is focused on developing neighborhoods economy while retaining. Its puerto rican culture chicago tonight. Producer quinn myers joins us now with more on the makoto del pueblo quinn. That's right brandon. So chicago's puerto rican community has long been centered in humboldt park but in recent years as high rents and luxury developments have encroached on the neighborhood's borders fears of gentrification and displacement have grown and in some cases become reality so now as a new public market in the community opens. They are hoping to help change. That is taken in here. Squashed for the last few years. Luis colosio has been handcrafting. He burrito presses these wooden contraptions designed to flatten plantations for he burritos a puerto rican sandwich invented here in chicago. Nobody really had something to make a wish. We all had to go out or they break a bunch of plates. China may go but you blocks or something. Eventually my wife asked me to make maker something koya. So is now one of more than a dozen small businesses operating out of a new space called mercado del pueblo on peseos equa- or division street in humble park. The initiative is being organized by the puerto rican cultural center or prc seat which is providing free rent to vendors and artists.

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