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American politics is shall we say that's divisive and bitter politics is a brutal business after all. But perhaps this is Noah mall true than in Australia. Prime ministers appear to fall from power more often than the average football club manager of the most recent victim, Malcolm tumble. Use an appearance on Australian television to name nine plotters as key figures in his downfall. His of it'll of what the foam prime minister had to say, Katie had a great sighing. I think it was Jack Lang's originally that in the great rice of life will was Beck self interest. Because you know, it's trying, but it was so obvious that the coup the insurgency that occurred in the last part of August was so obvious that it was going to be destructive with so obvious that there was not going to be any upside to it. And of course, that's what's turned out. It really never occurred to me that senior members of the government. The tickly people with such solemn responsibilities. Paid a dot in the home affairs minister responsible for Estrada's national security for heaven sake. Mystic security Matisse Coleman, you know, the leader of the government in the Senate Greg hunt. The health minister, Steven Chabot at tried minister never occurred to me that does people would act in a why that was to be side damaging to the to the government to the party, and frankly to the nation. I mean stability is is very important and disturbing that stability should be done with the very clear justification and a very clear purpose. And even then it carries risks, Malcolm Turnbull, naming names in his appearance on the ABC's a program. He was demanding onces from them over the reasons behind his sacking that speak now twohey he Whitfield his the Europe bureau chief of straightest seven network Hume Malcolm Campbell, staying very calm during that hour long performance. Onto the surface, clearly, very very angry pull its forum that he's was Was will. before he became prime minister. He was appearing on a show cold Q indicts, essentially, the striding version of the British program question time, but this time they wasn't a panel of people being interviewed by the audience. It was just Malcolm timbale by himself. The first time that we'd heard from him since he was deposed by he's on potty. And clearly he took the opportunity to nine nine is you hood, just stay Biddle, try and lie out. He's legacy is. Well, he lists the prime minister sheep, very quickly was a at. Hey described as madness where he says that he's Philo Impey's inside the liberal party and liberal party in its strategy is the conservative party. It's on the right side of politics. He said that they blew up the government and just dies after he left in Scott Morrison was installed. He took all the New York. He stayed away. While he's state was Ray contested. In a by-election. And in the last couple of weeks has returned back to he's homicide side mansion in the most exclusive suburb in Sydney and tightening. These so pitchy to as as as a nine nine and try and try and give himself some sort of a positive legacy. He also didn't seem to have any real idea of why his own party at that point decided to kick him out. Well, he if we got back to twenty Dane, hey, challenged, then prime minister tiny, but he used the I guess the excuse of the raisin fa- challenging Tony Abbott bang that the government led by Tony. But had lost sooty news polls. Which is the mine. Basically, the equivalent of a yougov poll study, news polls, ROY and that was enough for the prime minister to go. Well, Malcolm Turnbull, lost thirty. He lost. Thirty one thirty two. And then he he says that t- Lovie internal potty polling suggested that despite that the government was on the Optique, and I was looking at winning case Sates, and ultimately the lex the next election, which is due in the first half of next year. So hey, suggests that he he doesn't have any idea is to why he's on colleagues turned against team. And in fact, it was surprising..

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