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Do is at my website. There's also an email button where you can email Roosevelt may he's the general manager there. And you could do all this by email. If you want to. Okay, There you go. Thank you. Thank you for your health. And maybe I'll get your g seven, you know? Well, you know, Gretchen, Thanks for letting me reminisce about something that happened 40 years ago as if it were yesterday. Well, you need to come back out here. We're just moving out here. Actually, Graham, Texas is one of the prettiest small towns as you go west from Fort Worth. It is. It is such a big change from Jacksboro. That's not that many miles away. In Breckenridge generally, but I think I think Ron Soul lives out there too, with you. Well, I don't know where Woody they like. No, I just got a little ranch out there not far from where John Chase with Autobahn has his ranch. Hey, hey. Still, he now has the Toyota dealership which Star falls and he's got the Ford store out, man. Midland Odessa. Okay, but he lives out there with you guys. Good, but you need to come out and visit. Thank you, Gretchen. Thank you so much and have a good weekend. And with that, we're gonna take a quick break. Come back. You're more you calls in second on 5 70 K laugh. I'm Roosevelt May general manager of her fines. Hyundai Genesis, Plano. We are the top volume Hyundai dealer in North Texas, and we like it. Finds is now your SUV headquarters. In fact, how fines has the updated 2021 Santa Fe and stock and the 2021 Hyundai Palisade. From the inexpensive Hyundai Kona in Tucson to the best luxury SUVs, Huh?.

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