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Seven nothing. Gift to Larkin. Larkin slag off the right side, bounces it out still keeps the legs moving down to the nineteen by Chiron Brown. Only got a yard on the Mark and really took a shot. Got rid of that football tried to step up in the pocket, but he stepped right into someone's shoulder pad. He went down as he delivered it. But he knew he could get it out of his hands. It was going to be a big a big play, eight minutes to go and a half seven nothing. Northwestern caps. Second denied at the nineteen. Larkin to the left of Thorson sclerotic motions. Right starts back. The other way. Snap to Clayton. Thorson enough. Throw here out second down roles. Right. Fires complete to the five cavern green. Five yard line is going to be first in the market down. Five. I doubt Goldie go. Beautiful throw my Clayton. Right. It was really nice route to my camping. Was stretched out your typical tidy a position. He stretches out makes a nice route comes out of it. For a nice catch and the council. Go wildcat here with Larkin Thorson wide left Larkin. Oh, take it. Right. Larkin inside the five touchdown second touch for Jeremy. Wildcats Bella the lead here when seven twenty one. I I really like Larkin outta that wildcat. He does a very good job there. He makes it. Nice read. But he's all for the end zone. They're nice blocking upfront there the point of attack. Everybody was involved to handle the hat, and he didn't walk sand. But he danced in five yard rod for Larkin who banner for the PAT. Seventy three yards. Seven plays all the drive in the kick by coup Bandar is straight through. Twenty one to go first half, the Wildcats. Extend their lead at northwestern, fourteen Akron, nothing. Wildcats football presented by win drugs. Distracted driving is carrying insult people. Making conditions conceive..

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