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Jason Air to talk about this week. Show and behind the scene stories of the making of the episodes subscribed out to Jalen. And Jacoby the after. Show on Apple podcast or wherever? You listen to podcasts. Here's your sportscenter update. The Miami Dolphins have confirmed that Hall of fame head coach. Don Shula up has passed away at the age of ninety Dolphin. Ceo Tom Garfinkel. What a good morning. America at Rock Stadium will have new guidelines to adhere to social distancing role such as new entrances at finally a tel. O Phobia is the fear of not being good enough if you love nature valley sweet and salty bars. You'll love the new sweet and salty minis. It's all the DOLGIN. Savory goodness you know now in a smaller size and and one hundred calories snacking has never been so sweet for all the latest headlines. Information tune the sportscenter on ESPN radio. All throughout that Stewart. I'm GonNa give you and the audience a behind the scenes. Look at like the last seven minutes of our life that wasn't on air underneath the commercials. Because I want them to sort of understand The environment that has been cultivated here where people can be bad and they don't care when they're bad so we're talking about Don Shula the passing away of a South Florida icon and ninety years old and I throw it to Chris. Cody and my brother texted me moments ago. And he said the dead air from the silent. Mike's was better than Chris. Cody's memories about Don Shula and I saw not only as my brother right but to this. No no wait wait wait you think. That's the part that's funny. That's not the part that's funny okay. Because this is a thing that actually happened so Chris. I go to Chris. Stugotz makes fun of me for deciding that speaking to Chris. Cody during the Don Shula. Eulogy is a good idea that show gets derailed by his microphone not working correctly and then his memory was. I remember he had an aura around him just useless..

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