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Biotech that can lose three quarters of its value in a day because of one big clinical trial she got to be really careful by which is why always tell you to be selective when you speculate with these early stage drug developers and trying to buy the stocks of those with multiple drugs and trials hopefully son you're to completion than others then all right this one is it's hard to get your arms around your head around whatever because of what's going on with trump and and china but you know what there have been a plethora of chinese ipo's even in the midst of the trade tensions with the people's republic china based companies coming public here and there's toxic rory talk about ironic as names though to be as quality there's one you see all the time and that crawl at the bottom that i see it every morning it's really it's called i q i y iq i y let's just call iq for you home gamers this has been billed as the chinese net flicks here's a stop that search for the low twenty s in late may two his highest forty six in june but in the past few weeks the skeptics coming out of the we'll work and i got slammed onto thirty one if you're taking it another beating today my view hey who wouldn't be intrigued by the chinese netflix but this kind of stock is very difficult to value and i think it needs to cool off more before it's worth even considering remember netflix kind of closed out of china so there is a little room for iq then then you got billy billy that's b i ally it's another chinese online entertain provider billy billy came public today before i i y in march initially didn't get much traction but then it caught fire when the analyst started recommending it may and june stock climbed to twenty two dollars at its peak but in the last few weeks it's round trip all the way back to thirteen bucks so below that now this is why i'm near the fresh face chinese ipo's these names are too hard to get your head around and too hard to follow closely even if you're willing to put in the time and do the research i am always stopped on the street and asked about chinese ipo and i always say the same thing listen i got alley bob i don't need this baba's been under a lot of pressure i still like it the best times i am hesitant to recommend all but a handful of chinese companies this is not the best of times there according to trade war most powerful country on earth member it's us so which appeals from class to twenty team do we actually like all right i've mentioned before but the was of p i there's dropbox cloud base storage and business collaboration play i recommended dropbox at twenty eight on the night it came public search forty two now it's back to thirty like it at these levels just like so many other recent ipo's dropbox having explosive rally in june paul by brutal cell phone no particular news but the story made the same dropbox fabulous play on the subscription economy with the us pool of free users who they can convert into paying customers second or spotify technically streaming music service didn't have an ipo stock listed really weird process is basically an anti appeal i think you really hurt the cost spotify as an amazing transparent nonpromotional national team the results so far terrific and while the stock is pulled back a bit from its reason is it starting to roar again up nearly eight bucks today then there's zora net z you are the cloud based software company that helps other businesses setup subscription service dismembers economy now a few weeks ago i told you.

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