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Michigan one hundred thirty yards for north western Twenty-one from Michigan low end over and kicked coming down to Thomas at the four. He's gonna return it up the middle of the twenty brakes around the right gets to the twenty one for brought down. And the wolverines will take over their first and ten from their own twenty one yard line. Nathan FOX on the stop special teams for the Wildcats. The very important dry for Michigan. Not just in this game. But in their in their football season right now. Seventeen nothing in the second quarter in Evanston. Big they they need to respond. They need to get something going on offense. Even if they don't put points on the board. They need to be able to move the football Ronnie bell and Meco Collins other two wide receivers to running back, Mason and Higdon and here comes bell in motion. Shotgun the givers the Hagan right up the middle thirty yard line to the thirty nine yard line. Big hole for Iran. Hagan? Good for a first down safety JR pace makes this with help from Jared. Mcgee eighteen yards on the run right up the middle. And now they need to line up and do the same thing. Don't get fancy. Just hit him in the mouth hand the ball off and walk off another first down. This time people's Jones and Collins are split left double tied in just the formation. The give the hickory they try around left end Picton breaks it. He's over the forty. He's to the forty three yard line gain of five on the play. Fisher makes the stock along with Blake Gallagher for northwestern sucker down and six Koran bounced out to the judge there if he could have just made one more bounce with gotten outside the defense. There was a lot of green grass just wasn't able to make that last little last little jaunt to get out there. Three receivers four receivers. Shotgun for Patterson into his right? Gets the snap. Back to throw. Looking throws ball is caught by Collins. These sort of the first down to the forty eight yard line. It's about a yard short of the first town before he's brought down over there. Look like my trae Hartwich ornate hall both of them on the stop. And that brings up a third down in short thirty one for the wolverine. And that's where you tell young. You can't always get to that first. But you tell the young receiver. To that first down market, they go, I formation Mason is in front of Hagan. Double tight end set short yardage. Look. This the snap. Give the Mason Mason pounds his way out to the fifty down into north western territories to forty nine and the bitch moves the chains for the wolverines down on the sideline crash guys. Those first two running plays in this series were easily the bells well-blocked running place. Michigan had so far in this game. They reset the line of scrimmage on the first one that third one with test. Obviously after falling short on the fourth and one and you're right. They need to get something going because this isn't about right now. It's all northwest. It's been it's been route. Double wing for the wolverines under centers Patterson. Fix to hit back to throw lots of time. Patterson throws. He's got you the thirty yard line in north western territory and Eubanks is knocked out of the twenty nine JR pace knocks him out of down and Eubanks is slow to get up. Good for twenty one on the play. Good protection shape. Patterson had plenty of time to stand back. There allows receivers to get open and then deliver the football and Eubanks is you makes us still down. They're gonna they're gonna run them. They're gonna they're gonna hold down. He's out of bounds about five yards, but he's still down and they cannot run the play with him there because he's right about where the line of scrimmages Eubanks took a real good shot from JR pace paces outta college park. Six one two hundred delivered a shot to Nick Eubanks who made the catch the gun. Michigan a big I down in western territory. John their deepest penetration in north western territory today, and we got ten ten left to play in the hat, and this drive was all started by that Koran Higdon first down run because they were able to come out and control the line of scrimmage create some holes in exerts some dominance upfront and soon as you do that they have had no issues in pass..

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