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In honor of Native American Heritage Month we're going to be reading a novel by an author who was a National book award winner and Pulitzer Prize finalist. Guardian calls her quote one of the greatest living American writers and our newest novel centers on one of the biggest fights for indigenous rights in American history. We are reading the Night Watchman by Louise Ergic. The novel is based on the true story of Louisa's grandfather, Ah, Chippewa Council member who helps lead a challenge to a bill introduced to Congress in 1953 that would strip indigenous people of their land rights. His activism takes him all the way from the Turtle Mountain Reservation in North Dakota. The steps of the Capitol building. The New York Times says the nightwatchman is and magisterial epic that feels like a call to arms. Ah call to humanity of banquet prepared for us by hungry people. Some of you already started reading a couple of book club members have posted on our Instagram, one reader wrote. I'm enjoying it. I live in Minnesota so fun to hear the landmarks. And then there was this comment. Great riding with metaphor, such as a smile like the dough in her lunch box, not even half Biggs. Find out how you could read the book, even borrow your free copy, Thanks to our partners at the New York Public Library, head to W n y c dot org's slash get lit and mark your calendars for the evening of Wednesday, Semper Seconds at 7 P.m. will be joined virtually by Louise herself. Special musical guest. In the meantime, grab a copy of the Night watchman follows on instagram at all of it. W N Y C because that's where we host all of our book.

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