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He goes no no. Thank you mother fucker. You were so angry at it. I love that movie. Somebody let me hold a door for you and says you're welcome before you can say thank you. You got an ad over no but louis also thinks it's infuriates him with anybody and and did i do this. Hold elevator doors for people with your arm across it. You're eating. Oh oh you try hard. If you weren't supposed oh soon that they'd take the thing out of the elevator that makes it work the thing that we would go through the elevator it opens. I don't need your hand to hold the sensor. My fucking and shoulders gonna hold the sensor as i walk through the just let the sing welby shoulder. I'll let me live my god damn life. It's just so try already. Come on come on if you're not a fucking doormat giving me elevator idiot. I get a chance to like being a little hero. I saved them. I gave them a minute. It's the worst it's just a it's an action of an asshole. It's nothing at all but you that you think a thing the action of a fucking dick head that's insane. You're out of your mind your mind. Let's talk about cigarettes now. Because when you brought up with the whole you welcome before the thank you where like people asking for cigarette and then you gotta get the cigarette and then also also then they wait around for a light and then they just walk off without a thank you. I actually hate when they basically did everything but have sex there. We smoked at an awkward moment walked away. I'll say well used. I'll tell you what never give <hes> cigarettes. Who is the people who do it all with pantomime shitty the and then when you give it to him but you know like lighter now to dickhead like fucking assistant yeah i would catch me with a butterfly. I fucking drives me nuts such a rude go. I like the real definitely would never be the problem. It's always like a jerk offi. Financial district guy was drunk drunk and he's just like confident of shit. That'll gaffe again. Joke buddy all in donald yells at you. Directions yeah finance guy <hes> <hes> shit fine art real quick. Let's take a quick moment and talk about my blue which his great but really quick we should say this product does contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. What and this is not for sale to minors. Pu dave's mind nicotine's eighteen addictive my mind <hes> my blue is a pretty awesome pretty awesome i do yes <hes> easy to use pre filled liquid. Put pods twenty minute charge. It's good for the entire day. It's a pretty amazing product and yeah. I've always my vape of choice has always been a blue amount of flavor yeah whichever flav sucker fervent ele. I got a nice l. about yeah yeah. No that's boring. Well we hoping for mango passion mega passion some sort of delicious. They make a mango passion but they have a wide variety of flavors and to be honest with you. You know vaping aping is cooler. That's reality if you see somebody smoking a cigarette. Do you feel gross pig. What are you doing a future baby. Boy put that baby hugh mouth become one with the robots. You can find my blue a store near you or you can order online at my blue dot com m. y. B. l. u. dot dot com. The website is restricted to adults twenty one and over all right. Let's get back into what kevin hart. He's fine right. We can make fun of it. He's going to be okay yeah. He really.

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