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I'm Jeffrey Rosen. President CEO of the National Constitution Center and welcome to weed appeal weekly show of constitutional. You too shall debate. The National Constitution Center is a nonpartisan nonprofit chartered by Congress to increase awareness and understanding of the constitution among the American people. The House of Representatives is now debating articles of impeachment against President Trump on December. Second here at the National Constitution Center we hosted a fascinating to part conversation on the constitutional dimensions of impeachment. The first panel features leading constitutional channel scholars from diverse perspectives including professor. Michael Gerhardt are scholar in residence at the Constitution Center who testified as an impeachment expert before the House Traditional Committee it also features John Malcolm from the Heritage Foundation who's a member of our Madison Ian Constitution for all commission and the next panel features current right and former members of Congress to Republicans and two Democrats including the vice chair of the house. Judiciary Committee Representative Mary. Gay scanlon because impeachment involves a mix of legal and political considerations. It's hard to have a purely constitutional debate about impeachment but I ask the audience During this program to separate their political from their constitutional views in other words not to ask as a partisan matter whether or not they believe leave that president trump should be impeached but whether they thought that the constitution compelled it and how they would vote if they were members of the House of Representatives. I ask you the same question. Endear we the people listeners. Try as hard as you can to listen to this really illuminating discussion with an open. Mind and at the end of the podcast. If you find that you've changed your mind about whether or not president trump should be impeached. Then please email me and let me know Jay. Rosena Constitution Centre her. I hope you learn as much as I did from this illuminating conversation and let the constitutional debate began the Michael..

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