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And so he got himself back before the first game of season. I think he sat only two weeks somehow got himself back, and he was ready to go. And and then here's another. Here's another great case, though, two of the power of camps in the summer very much. Joey came to our camp competed, like the dickens ran really well to tie had a good a good forty time on them and competed really, well and all the drills, but the other was the the satellite camp that he was at in Cincinnati in our coach. Went down to that. He played up. He had a double header going on in baseball the same day as camp. It was at my Ohio. Yes. And so the story comes back to me that he went to the the session in the morning for the football camp. Then he had to leave to go play into double header and then came back in the afternoon and ended up winning the MVP for db at the camp. And what he played a doubleheader baseball in between. Well, played one game one game one game in the morning. Then went played. That's what it was. They went back and had the winning hit in the baseball game. So that was it w played a doubleheader went the camp in between football camp got the MVP. And then went back to the baseball game. So I was like, man. That's awesome. That's great. How how do you do in baseball game going to find out? He had to have the gay winter afternoon as well. So that that really that really sealed it for us. And and then the next call I made was Derek back over at the baseball team because I love the two sport athlete, not only in high school. But also if they can do it in college. I mean, it makes it a lot more fun for me to go to the baseball games. If one of our football players is actually on the team so in play and not just spitting seeds right out there on the bench. But. Eric was really fired up about the prospects of Joey coming here. So then that's that's how we how we frame the recruitment from from. Then on was that he could do both play football and baseball here at Michigan e even the week we committed we came down to the Michigan camp we were in Atlanta and drove any played on Sunday in and drove down for the Michigan camp was I believe it was a Monday or the Monday or Tuesday. He drove down back from Atlanta to make the Michigan camps. Oh, you mean their power in the camps because we weren't going any cans because in the summer, it was always filled up with the baseball schedule. So this this past summer was the first time joy never been to any camps. We we had a couple of players back in the seventies. I coast here from seventy three seventy nine we had Rick Leach. Yup. A four year starter here at quarterback and a baseball player. And I remember spring game bull move the spring game. I think up to eleven o'clock so Rick could be participate in the spring game. And then a spur spring game was over jumped into the. Locker room put on the baseball uniform. They drove him over to the stadium for a Saturday afternoon baseball game. And he got into winning hit got their distant time to get the winning hit for the and then another one Jim Patrick. Yeah. Member jim. Yeah. Do remember, Jim? And he had a brother that played with a dodger som-, right? Tom Patry played with the dodgers about that same time. So back in bows day there were several baseball football football guys at that time. Toby Gerhart was outstanding running back for us at Stanford. He played both sports as well. And you know, the policy has always been for me in the places I've been is if they're elite elite coming out of high school in in two sports, then by all means we can we can make it work where you play play two sports..

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