Maryland hits record-high drug deaths, fueled by fentanyl


Kelly and the six eighty WCBS Marilyn new center Maryland notching a record high number of drug deaths last year fueled by an alarming increase of feno related fatalities amid an escalating epidemic newly released figures from health department show there were twenty two hundred eighty two intoxication deaths in two thousand seventeen nearly ninety percent of those deaths were opioid related feno related deaths have increased forty two percent in two years heavy. Rains over the last weeks and ten million gallons of stormwater mixed with sewer water into Baltimore's streams and harbor the department of. Public works said much of the water was released through structured overflows that are part of a more than one. Hundred year old sewer system designed. In sports, ten more former students have sued Ohio State University over alleged sexual misconduct by now deceased team doctor accusing school officials of facilitating abuse by ignoring complaints from requiring some athletes to get. Physicals from him to maintain their sports participation and skull Ships it's ninety degrees. In Baltimore, reporting at three or four I'm Michael Philip. Kelly six. Eighty WCBS, news right.

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