United States Named the 'Most Dangerous' Developed Country for Women to Give Birth


Sky warm six around through the weekend a little change coming. Our way for the beginning of next week I'm Seth Wayne. In the KOMO weather center Currently in Seattle it's warm. Eighty-six degrees, downtown ninety degrees though seatac KOMO news time is three oh six security guard photographed with. An ice logo card on his duffel bag the picture continues to, raise, a lot of questions. And Seattle that picture taken June tenth by an assistant federal public defender at the Capitol Hill light. Rail station went viral after being posted to Twitter is tells the Seattle times it does not know why the guards seen in, the, photo, had that, car on his bag while security company says the guard left his job a couple of weeks later for personal. Reasons the company also says there's no possibility its workers. Could moonlight in that way the, city's office of immigrant and refugee affairs has had ice was not conducting. Emigrant enforcement at transit stations though it cannot independently discount rumors Bill, o.'neil KOMO news American Airlines. Is stepping up there freebie game after, they announced a new policy regarding, their cheapest economy tickets the airline announced Thursday the company will allow. Customers buying their basic economy tickets to bring Free carry-on item with them plus, a personal item. Which can fit under the seat in front of. Them the policy will take effect on September fifth Tom. Roberts reporting a new investigation from USA today says the United States is the most dangerous place. To give birth in the developed world citing maternal mortality rates in the rate at which mothers. Get injured during or, after childbirth the. Study says much of it boils down. To hospitals not following long known safety measures the leading cause of injury or death in new mothers is, hemorrhaging. Or extreme blood loss one exception to, the national. Trend is California where the maternal death rate has been cut in half due to new standards and training, the full investigation provides. A state-by-state analysis and ranking of maternal mortality rates that's Tom Roberts KOMO news time three oh seven China's doing a little number they want to. Attack the farm Bill because they know. Those, the farmers love. Me President Trump criticizing China today for targeting the mid west with retaliatory tariffs and during a roundtable discussion in Iowa he tried easing fears of farmers suffering after the president impose tariffs on some foreign imports but. We just opened up Europe few farmers you're not going to be too angry with Trump. I can tell you but there was no deal reached with the European Union just an. Agreement to start negotiating and temporarily halt the trade war ABC's Andy Field joins us on the KOMO Newsline with the latest on this. And that might make Wall Street happy Andy but how did that play. With the farmers So far not great Neal he says you're. Not going to be, with Trump but a lot of them are in fact. Many of them are Republicans from harm states who are telling the president you're killing our farmers here with business this this whole European Union agreement which is basically a handshake saying we're going. To try to buy more soybeans from you There, is no such thing as a European Union buying anything They might set. Prices for, individual countries to buy stuff but, countries like, France for example this goes against their trade policies trade policy his we buy our. Own farm products are not buying them, from the United States so a lot of this has promised but. It's really hard to see how the president's, going to deliver, and then on the flip side of, that we have China which is imposed these sanctions on soybeans poor products on even Bourbon from Kentucky to hit it Mitch McConnell's, home state all of this is targeted at red states that President Trump won. Because, the Chinese are saying we're gonna hit you where it hurts Mr President when when it comes to election day right so you bring up the point. The politics of this and look those farmers bust their backsides to not only try to feed their families but feed the world so everybody wishing the best. For them but the politics of this is I. Think very. Intriguing when you look at new poll numbers from some of these states. Now I think there are thirty three out of ninety, nine counties in Iowa. That twice, voted for Barack Obama and last, time out, voted for Donald Trump it would be very easy for them to go back for. These midterms who advise the president on, his policy from the political standpoint before he engaged in do we. Know that is a very good question I, don't I don't, know the answer that it doesn't seem, that the president really Listens too much advice at all when it comes to doing these things because. Very often he'll make a decision or he'll tweet these things out in the White House his staff kind of scrambles to provide a justification for it when, it usually is supposed to be the other way. Around but. Something had to happen because last week the European Commission was a foe Well again that's wide bar heads are spinning I mean a. Lot of reporters are wearing neck braces with all the whiplash we get from the policy changes one minute it's they're our. Enemy and today would there are BFF's the president even joked about it today In, a, speech to steelmakers. Where do the. Fake news, says I'm crazy or I'm out of control by by calling you know we're gonna go to war. By calling, Kim Jong on Little. Rock man and look now we're we're good friends well at the time That, was fairly outrageous for a president? To make that comment and it's yet to be seen. How good, a friend North Korea is other than, the photo op the we had when they. Met in, Singapore ABC's Andy. Field, thank you Andy KOMO news time is three. Eleven first day of Seahawks training camp today in just a, couple of minutes we'll break it down with Greg bell, covers the, hawks for the, news Tribune. Tacoma off day for the Mariners back at it tomorrow in. Anaheim against the angels we have more sports coming your way in thirty minutes again Greg bell coming up in just a couple of moments traffic. Ahead KOMO news. Time three. Eleven The high fashion hotline hi my family's going to a concert in the park and. We want her style to be the main attraction rock over to old navy navy. Yup right..

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