Leslie Moonves accused of misconduct by 6 women, denies using his position to 'hinder anyone's career'


BBC news I'm John. Shea the directors of CBS one of the major US television networks say they will investigate claims of sexual misconduct and intimidation against. Its chairman. And chief executive Leslie Moonves six women have told the New Yorker magazine that, Mr. Munoz sexually. Harassed them here's Chris Butler Leslie Moonves has been a leading figure at the American network CBS for almost twenty five years with a track record for finding. Stars and developing hit programs the New Yorker magazine says the six women claim among other things that Mr Mendez physically intimidated them forcibly touched and kissed them or. Threatened to wreck their careers the. CBS boss has denied us a Louis has apologized for making some women uncomfortable in the way. He made advances decades ago The winner in Pakistan's general election Imran Khan has started preparations to form a coalition government after his PTI. Or movement for Justice party won the most seats in the national assembly the p. t., I says it. Has the support of smaller coalition partners and independent parliamentarians a group of opposing political parties have rejected the election results a leader of the group Moulana fuss. Law Rochman called for demonstrations to prompt new and actions hummed Obama into how 'bout we will run a movement to hold new elections there will be protests a. Committee will be set up immediately. Which will chalk out to shed your going to work his and invite people to join in The. Supreme court in Ivory Coast has overturned a ruling which a quitters the former first lady Simone Bagbo of crimes against humanity in the aftermath of political violence following the presidential election eight years ago Richard howls reports Simone Bagbo was Ivory Coast's first lady for eleven years then a bitterly fought presidential election. In two thousand ten between her husband laurel and Allison Ouattara who won the vote plunged. Ivory Coast into post election violence which saw three thousand people. Killed in Azerbaijan learn she was accused of organizing death squads buying bombs and shelling marketplace in a pro water a neighborhood of abbey John and later she was jailed for. Twenty years for attacking state security the supreme court ruling now means MRs backbone will face a retrial for crimes against humanity at a date to be announced Big rallies are, expected, in Zimbabwe today on the last day, of campaigning before Monday's presidential elections the, first since Robert Mugabe was ousted from power last. November his successor and former close colleague designer PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa is hoping to legitimise, his rule but he may, be hampered by perceptions that he was too close to the Mugabe. Regime the leader of the main opposition MDC Nelson Chamisa has expressed fears that the election like past ones may be rigged This is the latest world news from the BBC A judge in California has urged US immigration authorities to focus on finding the deported parents of four hundred children separated from their. Families as they legally crossed the border from Mexico judge Dana several spoke out a day after it emerged that more than seven hundred children remain in custody despite the expiry. Of his own deadline for families to be reunited Mongolia is reported to have swatted an attempt by Turkey to kidnap a Turkish citizen who's accused of having links with the US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen Ankara blames for a. Failed coup two years ago reports say the Mongolian authorities grounded a suspected Turkish airforce chat that Atlanta's to pick up Vasil x. acti- who had been kidnapped on Friday morning British members of parliament say the UK. Is facing a democratic crisis because of the. Spread of fake news a parliamentary committee report says voters being systematically, manipulated by campaigns which rely on hate and misinformation the report examines the use of. Data by pro Brexit groups including vote leave during the referendum campaign. Two years ago it follows the scandal. Of Cambridge analytical harvesting Facebook data Rory Caitlin Jones, has more details during the week the committee actually published, a whole, range of adverts produced by vote, leave and believe during the campaign which they said had not been visible. Before Facebook after. A lot of prodding handed these adverts over to the committee they, were very out at the time they were reaching millions of people. The way the you see a billboard on the street and it says vote eggs and you know who it's from it's less clear online and that was their concern that there's no clarity there's no transparency And briefly millions of people have witnessed the, longest lunar, eclipse the century as the main, passed through shadow it's natural satellites turned striking shade of red or ruddy. Brown ABC news.

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