Prosecutors want suspected covert Russian agent kept in jail


Killing your mom who you said was mentally ill because you're eighteen and had to. Defend yourself Arizona Politicians, man, amazing we've, got one. Arizona state Senate hopeful that killed, his mom with a gun says it was self defense, we've got another one who goes one hundred, and forty miles per hour on Zona highways Alonzo Moseley Paul Moseley sorry Representative Paul Moseley we've got a pervert in Don Don shooter who is running, for reelection after he got kicked out we've. Got something named David stringer, that says hey, not enough white kids in school we've got telly counts in who is absolute wacko? She wants to sue teachers for a not for for the whole thing it's unbelievable Most people would have one wacko. I just I just I you just rattled off five or four or. Five yeah You're listening, to the big. Four at, four. Four big blockbuster stories to start. The four o'clock hour we still got big story three and, four all right Becky Lynn is on Arizona's news? Station KTAR news flash four fifteen I'm Becky Lynn with three things you. Need to know right now prosecutors say a twenty nine year old gun rights activist who suspected of being a covert Russian agent likely was in contact with Kremlin operatives while, living, in the US prosecutors say Maria Boutin was seen by the FBI dining privately with the Russian. Diplomats suspected of being an intelligence operative just before he left, the US in March and Akron Ohio chemical manufacturing plant has exploded and caught fire prompting authorities to evacuate a large area around it the cause of the blast at. Emerald manufacturing is not known but all employees have. Been accounted for and there are no reported injuries visitors appear to be steering clear or shortening. Their stays at US national parks because of, pollution the Grand Canyon was included in this new study. You're never more than fifteen, minutes away from. Today's top, stories. On Arizona's news station KTAR news Look at traffic now with detour Dan in the. Valley Chevy dealers traffic. Center thank you Becky Lynn..

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