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How many podcasts are no longer being updated?



The might be about five hundred and forty thousand shows in apple podcasts, but they're not all active. In fact, according to Todd Cochran from blueberry seventy five percent of podcast chosen no longer in production. He's told Steven Goldstein, it's a phenomenon known as pod fade. Pod craft has launched a closed trial of produce a production as a service platform. It's like working with the professional producer, they say, with guidance insights and best practices. And if you'd like a test drive, you should contact them. The Pune is is a new kids podcastone tomorrow by cadence. Thirteen, and Kobe, Bryant's, Greenwich studios, promising listening entertainment for the whole family. On the way to weekend sporting activities. CBC have launched their quarter three twenty eighteen podcasts slate. They promise an audio fiction podcast, the shadows from Caitlyn, pressed, uncover, investigating an alleged cult and the fifth season of hit true crime series. Someone. One knows something WNYC and it. So New York, public radio has a new chief marketing officer. Lisa Baird joins from the US Olympic Committee, Australia, Southern Cross, the stereo which has the podcast one brand in this country claims forty five million downloads in its first year of operation. The more perfect podcast from WNYC is releasing a music album. Each track is quote inspired by one of the twenty seven amendments to the US constitution. The album will be released digitally on September the eighteenth and will be available for free to listeners everywhere. And Lipton's Elsie Escobar has written a guest post for Jacobs media highlighting the five things. Radio broadcasts should know about podcasting, and especially she talks about the power of the fate

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How many podcasts are no longer being updated?

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