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And my most recent book is called radiant health, Asia beauty, a thirty day program for extrordinary health, beauty and longevity. My guest today is Dr. Kisha gazer and this is actually part two of a two part interview. If you did not listen to last week's interview, I strongly encourage you to listen to that. I can get kinda fundation of what we're talking about, but she say double board certified physician in OB GYN and also in maternal fetal medicine. And last week we were talking specifically about, there's been a rise in the ternal deaths in the United States, and we kind of went through the various different factors that are responsible for that. And so this week, what we wanna do kinda get into more details about it and what women can do to really lower the risk of having difficulties with their pregnancies as well as having actually not thriving from from having that. So doctor gave me thank you so much for being on my show. Again, thank you so much for having me again banks. So last week we were talking again, kind of the main thing. Things. I guess that were causing people that have increased maternal deaths and problems. You had mentioned words, obesity is obviously a huge thing. You know, people have diabetes and that kind of thing. And then and then we also talked about the that the main things that people can potentially die from when they have a child from infections, high blood pressure issues, if hemorrhage. So to this week, we just wanna go a little bit more in depth, you know, into these areas and it's like, so if a woman wants to lower risk as much possibly can. What, what are the main kinds of recommendations that you have? Well, certainly in the best of both worlds before you even get pregnant, it will be helpful to go to your provider and have a discussion about, you know, whatever medical cool morbidity that you may have. Which may need to be optimized. If you're diabetic, you need to get your blood sugar in control. Certainly because while you can handle high high blood sugar, your developing fetus cannot and high blood sugar leads to specific congenital abnormalities in the developing fetus primarily affecting their brain and spinal cord their hearts in their legs. So to prevent these things, it's helpful for diabetic women to get their blood sugars and good control. The other thing that diabetics can do prior to becoming pregnant is to take full of gas. It's up limitation full of gas that is very good for fetal brain development. If you are a woman who has had a baby in the past that has had a neural tube abnormality in the neural tube is that progenitor that develops the baby's brain and and spinal cord. So if you've had a baby in the past that have had. That has had despicable nominally certainly again for look, it's up limitation would be benefit to you in the pre conceptual period. That was like routine for everybody, like no matter what like it was in the prenatal vitamins. It is, but for certain subsets, the doctor is going to give you more. You're gonna get an additional, you know, prenatal vitamins have like one milligram folic acid in it for those women that fall into the categories. We're talking about giving them four milligrams daily, so you, it's it's more. Got it. And then what like what other? I mean, of course, always heard a fog acid, you know, from yawns ago about the news editor, are there other vitamins or minerals or supplements that you feel are really beneficial for women while they're pregnant? Seen as you know, I am a high risk doc. I really liked vitamin d vitamin d is good for a whole host of things. First of all, you know, vitamin d is the only vitamin that's made exclusively in the skin, and it's made particularly when you're in sunlight, sunlight helps to promote the census of it in your skin. However, for those women that have color or people who live in cities where you got the high skyscrapers and your endorsed most of the time where you tape taking public transportation, particularly the train underground train, you know, your exposure is low sunlight. So it goes without saying that you're vitamin d levels would be lower to. Now, vitamin d deficiency affects everybody, not not just pregnant women, and you know, I'm gonna. Go into how it's affects pregnant women, but vitamin d is really good for your cardiovascular health for your bone. Development deficiency has been linked to a psychiatric disorders, so therefore it's good for your mental health. So it's, you know, it's not just doing a body good for the pregnant ladies, but for everybody now in my arena, being high risk doc, I see a lot of Preterm labor. So there has been research out there, correlating low vitamin d with an increased risk of Preterm birth. So for all of the ladies that I see in in my office, everybody get screened and if they're values alot, they get supplemented vitamin d is an expensive, and if it can prevent something that will have a high morbidity and mortality, like having a little preemies. And all that goes along with having a premature baby. Then, you know, I'm all for checking levels and supplementing for those ladies that are hypertensive, vitamin d supplementation is as good as well as it can pretty much. I can't say lower, but it will hopefully prevent some poor outcomes from hypertensive disorders in pregnancy. So do you notice I know vitamin d is kind of a tricky thing as far as how much you give. Because you know, years ago we used to say, I take four hundred international units today, and now we know that that's way way too low in somebody who's not pregnant at the kind of normal is about two thousand international. That's what I what I give. Okay. 'cause situations like sometimes when people have you know some sort of chronic illness or you know cancers, it turns out that they'll need way more than that, like, you know, five thousand or something like that. So I was just wondering if pregnancy was a situation like that to where you actually need it a lot more than the normal. Well, I think it depends on what your levels are. You know, anecdotes, you know, I've I've had a few patients that had psychiatric illnesses, and interestingly enough, you know what I've found is these ladies have values of vitamin d in the single digits. Don't I? And I don't know why that is. So for those ladies, I will give, you know, certainly give them more than you know, two thousand day. It'll probably be more like five thousand a day, and then you know what a month or so we'll we'll check their levels to see how you know whether or not that that affords them, you know, a treatment. Working. So the women just curious to the one that you've had that has psychiatric problems and you really low vitamin d levels like the single digits. Now when you get their vitamin d levels up to kind of European range of say, like, you know, forty to sixty or something. Have you noticed that there's an improvement in their mental, you know, it's hard to say because not only are they taking vitamin d, but they're also taking whatever psychotropic medications that the psychiatrists recommending. So if there's any change in baseline, I don't know what that's due to the due to the vitamin d the meds, or is it something that's that's, you know, is it both of them that that and that's hard to gauge. Right, right. Got it. So are there any other like vitamins or nutrients that you think are particularly important? I think you're mega threes are important in pregnancy, a mega threes or really good for heart health, but in practice. Conc-. It's good for fetal brain development. So I would recommend any patient taking prenatal vitamins. Make sure they take a formulation that has those nice magazine. It other sources of Maga's are certainly salmon. Salmon is good for pregnant ladies, and you know, having that nice little fetal brain development. So mega of our, you know, besides helping pregnant ladies good for everybody else protects your heart. And it's a bonus nutrient for patients or people that are sitting dwellers as well air pollution kinda facts mega levels. And so certainly taking the supplementation is really good to help your health. Make it three levels. I generally do recommend that, you know, I am kind of a believer in vitamin supplementation. Certainly, I can certainly provide him in d, your mega IOUs vitamin b. twelve items. See. So those are the main ones that I really kind of inform my patients about simply because of where we're living and the types of exposures that we have vitamin b. twelve, for instance, is beneficial. We, you know, the area that I live in is urban and you know, there are a lot of cars around and various toxins like sulfate and black carbon can affect our cardio vascular system. Vitamin b. Twelve is nutrient that. That keeps the bodies nerve and blood cells. Healthy helps to make the building blocks of who we are DNA. So certainly, you know, it's important to have your level levels check because it'll pollution can affect your levels. And certainly if the vitamin b, twelve is building blocks for basically who we are, it's best to to have that supplements it there, certain people that have a particular type of Nimia call mega blasted anemia. And you see this more so and people that have GI illnesses or had GI surgery. So these people in particular as well. All right risk for vitamin b. Twelve deficiency and supplementation for them is essential. It's not even choice. That's essential. Vitamin c, we all know vitamin c is the saying that we spouse during flu season bills your immune system. Adam helps you to fight off getting colds and so forth. But the other thing about vitamin c. for the ladies out there vitamin c. keeps your skin Dewey and healthy and helps the Bill the collagen and everything in it being a city dweller again with the air pollution, the oxide kind of destroy your vitamin c levels. So you know, pumping a little vitamin c daily certainly is is helpful on many levels recommend. You know, there's various formulate Sion's and so it's hard to gauge which would be the best. I think any formulation over the counter that in the ranges are similar. That would be fine. Do you think I mean, do you recommend like a thousand milligrams a day or do or more than that? It depends. It depends on what what you're dealing with that I would say there's some formulations that are four hundred. There's some formulate at thousand, you know, I have given the four hundred dosage, certainly. If you are in flu season, I might recommend you bump that up. Okay. Anything else that you routinely recommend for women? No, no, you know, from my pregnant ladies are prenatal there Maga's checking those vitamin d levels. If they have certain, you know, GI illnesses or anemic, making sure the vitamin b twelve is is up to par. And during flu season, I do tell them to take extra vitamin c to prevent them from having flew flew in pregnancy or not a good thing together. Do you recommend the flu shots? I do. I do. I really, really do you know this particular winter. I had so many patients in the intensive care unit affected with the flu. I've never seen that. I might have one, you know, during the course of of flu season, but I had double digits this year. I've never seen that. So this particular strain was pretty VERA lint very violent to make. Yeah, to kinda shut down your system and have you one, you know, breathing machine. So yeah, I do recommend it. You know, I'm pregnancy. Your immune system declined. You know it decline. So the flu in a pregnant woman is disastrous. It really is not only as mommy affect the baby's affected too. If mothers oxygenating babies, not gonna oxygenating there. That women stay indoors a lot or minimize commerce. They go out. I mean, particularly enough Lucy's and like that. I think that, you know, if you have gotten your flu shot, you're giving, you know your level of protection, certainly, and taking your your vitamin c. I think that what kind of company and certainly coming since dictated. If there's somebody with the flu, you're not gonna be around them. Yeah, hopefully yeah. yeah.

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