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Waldrop is back from labs. Labs dot com. They are the cannabis testing and standardization company. There's only a few of many entire country. And of course, this is such an interesting investment vehicle. We're gonna spend a little time on it. But there is a premier provider of analytical testing advisory services research for the cannabis industry will create tabby long, man. How are you, sir? Good morning selling can see rusty again. You should be on interviewed with Krahn Berg, I told them on. There's a couple of shows I'm gonna put them on. And I told him that long. Well, I told him that that he's going to be on America trends with AB fuller. And I thought that he should be great on live high live. But here's the bottom line. When you see that? Well, I find this. I find this cap on the ground this weekend. I realize it's standardized branded recreational marijuana cigarettes like finding a pack of camels on the on the bottom. The difference is in the tobacco industry. You've got all kinds of warning labels. You've got all kinds of childproof packaging, and that's starting to come out. And you guys are part of that. So the people that didn't listen to you are hadn't heard you before and hadn't seen here. Talk about a little bit labs us because that's exactly the business. You're absolutely. Labs is the largest national testing company for cannabis operation and five states or in Massachusetts, Colorado and Florida. We also have operations in Edmonton Alberta, and our jobs or jobless ensure that cannabis is safe before it goes to public purposes. So that when you're going into Spencer, you know, what you're getting is going to be clean and easy for you to change. Bad stuff. You just go. Oh my God. This is poison or by the way. By the way, by the way. What is the bad stuff? What do you what do you guys testing for? And what are you standardizing specifically? Is. Wrong. And if you're a medical patient, you're looking for something that's pretty coat Brian hundred milligrams or more to treat whatever symptoms your. Recreational user never used it before he assured that it's small. Fade introductory those two and a half to five milligrams. But beyond potency, we're looking for things like impurities aspergillus mold mildew looking for has the size, sixty six. The state of California that we look for. If it's a like, you deserve it should've used item. Product, we're looking for residual solvents. We wanna make sure that there's nothing that can harm you as you put it on your body or e-consumer. So so so basically has there been a best practices gold standard for this? Are you guys sort of the pioneers recreating as the industry is growing? Correct. Absolutely. I mean gonna labs are. Independent body as it should firm that we have the best practices standardized practice across Delaware Fidelity's. And that's one of the. Oliver labs use the same methods. So whether you go to a lab and in Massachusetts, code elaborately, California, you know, then the product is the same and why it's also important reserve, and you mentioned that you have a cultivator here in only who's manufacturing that product for Willie's reserved. We'll probably a different cultivator, different license, either different state. So as a licensor like Willie's reserve, they wanna ensure the product is tested consistency. No matter where they sell the products. So they can take a little snippet of Willie's. Reserve mother plant and kind of go stick it on another plant. So they get the same strength. Hey, do you find fewer days on the plants that are grown indoor versus outdoor testing side, bugs and stuff outside and pesticides more. But indoor you wouldn't think you'd need pesticides and stuff. You wouldn't think? So you're right outdoor plants. We see anywhere from California right now. Tina twenty percent is. And that's just because of the way it was grown in Oregon went before regulation. The numbers were the same host regulation. We're down to two to three percent chance pesticides. A lot of cases. It wasn't the grammar small cross-contamination soil things like that. They didn't have any control over and unfortunately, the crop for impacting what other plant do they do this to? Yeah. Is there any? They should doing all the like broccoli am. I getting word affected broccoli chubby. Broccoli fact testing, isn't it? Instead of talking about the cannabis testing market. Do we have any numbers on me look at you've got billion dollar market? Moreover, recreational medicinal marijuana. Did anybody idea what the numbers are for Canada's? Jesse Margaret because that's obviously a moving target. But you guys are growing to be sure. Absolutely. As it continues to grow our numbers per. Fifty million dollars to one point four billion dollars. Just in North America. So is a huge marketplace. Just as cannabis cannabis alone is carrying over forty billion dollars over the next five years is going to grow side by side, one of the things to keep in mind. Sully testings mandated every single which we operate. So this isn't something. That's a nice to have is must have in all the jurisdictions. I want one are you franchising out or something a little? Like a food truck pulls up a lab truck pull up to your farms in why do you need it? Forty billion dollar tidal wave of money that's coming through start start a lab coat on doctor Russ gesture we'd Dr rooms are there are there. Are you starting up other? Facilities. Hurry up talk about talk about your labs itself. Have you last by the way, his name is well Waldrop he is the CEO of ink EV. I is their stock symbol. They are publicly traded in labs is the name of the company cannabis and hemp testing services talk about the lab at self. How'd you guys start? How'd you get into the business? Absolutely. Back in two thousand fourteen started a state of Oregon. It was the first date of any size g-go legal both medically and recreationally that had a mandated program. I know the Colorado was very first date washing right behind Oregon made perfect sense forever. You to move into and we've been focusing on growing those key markets right now is the market to be in right now we have a land in Berkeley, California fully updated with the latest Shimadzu equipment. We're soon open for lab and humble in the largest growing area in the world. And then we'd be focusing in California palm desert, Los Angeles, Orange County and the city. The city opposed to Mesa so we're really focused right now in California as you everyone knows in recreational January first of this year to two billion dollar medical economy pillow angel six billion dollar economy recreational the next four

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