SyFy Faceoff Special Effects Make Up Artist Walter Welsh Interview

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Hey, listen. All right. Welcome to another addition of talk nerdy to me. Troy Troy. Stagner I have my cogos here. Trevor Cooper. Good morning Selo nerds, and we had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Walter Welsh from season ten and thirteen faceoff how you doing today. Walter. Doing great glad to be here and we're happy to have you told us before we started, if you nothing was off limits. So. Now we're dot to doing thing hard to you. So. Oh, good. Let's start with some some simple stuff. Here. I'm reading some of your history here says you were a college football athlete. Can you tell us a little bit about that? Yeah, I, I played football pretty much most of my life and I eventually went on and played a Juku junior college played for a year and a half there. And so I- tore my ligaments in my hand and decided to hang the cleanup. Can you tell us which juke? Oh, it was. Yeah, I played for Diallo valley college in. California in the bay area. And and what position did you play? I was outside linebacker was kinda like a stud baecker. So I just read quarterback at outside contain. You got to do all the fun stuff. The fun stuff without all the crazy middle responsibility. Yeah. And also says you were into competitive bodybuilding. Yeah, right after I tore my ligaments in my hand, I had to wear a club for for football and that's kinda why stop playing just I don't know how guys can do is really difficult and ended up gaining like a bunch of weight. I- ballooned up to like two hundred eighty pounds, and I just hated the way I looked and someone told me I should try to lose weight by shooting for like a competition. So slowly I walked a bunch of weight and I went from a hundred two hundred eighty pounds to down to like one eighty nine and I competed in bodybuilding. And then I continued to do that for another three or four years for years total. So how'd you make the jump from that to to art because then you've got into some portrait painting, assess. Yeah, I I had always been into art. I took like there was like a college elective course in high school called APR Neha in order to get into that, you had to take our every year. So I usually always took my elective in high school in our elective full of my parents are really artistic. So I kinda, I've been drawing because of them my whole life and my brothers super justic. So we've always been into art and onside decided I was done with sports other than bodybuilding was has always just been like a fun passionate hobby of mine. I follow sport and and I live the lifestyle as far as healthy eating and working out every day, but it was never something I wanted to like do professionally or anything. It was just a goal for me in the gym. Art was something that I've always really loved and wanted to pursue. So when I transferred from diabled alley college, I went to Cal State East Bay and I, I got my Arctic gre- there. And when I was there, I was doing portrait painting and airbrushing and stuff like that. And then once I was doing all the airbrush stuff, I, I actually saw the show face off and to be honest before the show, I didn't know too much about special effects. I knew of like STAN Winston and dick Smith, but I didn't know too much about the grades or any other thing besides those two and the work that like STAN Winston had done in the dick Smith, Donald exorcists and stuff. And from there, I just really started taking passionate and researching and watching things and reading things and kind of all went towards that direction from there.

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