Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro's speech cut off, soldiers seen running


With. Another deadly and destructive wildfire season the governor's asked for a federal disaster declaration to free up federal dollars for fire, victims, to rebuild and get food unemployment, benefits and mental health counseling assistance Brown toured. Fire damaged areas in reading today and also said California. Needs a statewide emergency alert system mandatory evacuations have been ordered for more than five thousand residents on the northeast shore of clear lake because of the one, hundred fifty. Three thousand acre Mendocino complex fire it's now the largest fire burning in the state and. Has destroyed eight homes and buildings the fire is thirty percent contained hot temperatures and low humidity are not helping firefighters gained control of that fire in north of San Francisco or up near reading where a fire that has destroyed more than a. Thousand homes continues to burn sheriff. Tom Cinco says the fires burned almost one, hundred thirty four thousand Acres but things are. Looking up a bit I'm glad to say that now the city of reading has all the areas opener has been repopulated we're working in some of those more difficult. Areas of the county to get people back in almost forty thousand people have been evacuated. From their homes since the fire started almost two weeks ago a nineteen year old student at Cal State Northridge has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting women on campus see San police chief and glavin says Davis Merano high may was arrested on. Campus yesterday I spent hours with. One of the victims of myself And a, parent and I know how incredibly excruciating it is Marino high may is a twenty seventeen graduate of Redlands high school he played soccer at c., son he allegedly committed multiple assaults between. April of twenty seventeen and last month a transmission of Venezuelan state TV has been mysteriously cut. Short. The station was showing President Nicolas Maduro giving a speech in the capital city of Caracas during a celebration for the national guards eighty first anniversary the president cut short his speech and hundreds of soldiers who had lined up in ranks scattered and started running then the transmission ended without explanation police in Portland Oregon have fired flash bang devices, into, a crowd and ordered protesters from a. Right, wing group in a self-described antifascist group.

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