Melania Trump praises LeBron James after her husband bashes him


The news Hello I'm race Marie creek with. The BBC news then as, Wayne, and officials say two explosive drains have, detonated near President Nicolas Maduro as he was speaking as a military event in. The capital Caracas, Katie Watson reports President Nicolas Maduro had been speaking as a military parade held to celebrate the eighty first anniversary of. The Venezuelan army suddenly the. Audio went dead the television pictures continued to roll showing officials, behind miss Madero, looking up concerned the state broadcaster then cut to an aerial shot of soldiers standing in formation with the sound, of, panicked officials shouting dozens of soldiers began running and then the broadcast was cut a couple of hours later Mr. Madero. Paid, on television again he said the president of Colombia and unnamed financiers in the United. States were responsible it'll. Known rebel groups all data's day Fennell said it strains have been shot down by army snipers before they could reach. Their, target hundreds Thousands of, people in Argentina have marched through. The, streets of the capital Buenos Aires urging the. Senate to reject a proposal, to, legalize abortion Patti McGuire has this report, safe the two lives has become the slogan of those Argentinians who reject the. Proposed new legislation, to legalize abortion in the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy local media reporting that more than half a million people gathered. From across the country to. Make their voices heard the head of the senate's final vote, on August the, eighth they responding to a call alliance of fifteen thousand evangelical churches and many Catholics the country's predominant religion joined, the, March to show their support the lower house of congress already approved the measure in June two wildfires in northern California. In, the US have grown in size to cover nearly a thousand square kilometers of land. The blazes to the. North of San Francisco stretch from the coastal city of Mendocino to Kalisa county Joanna joy reports the authorities in California Say the scale of the Mendocino wildfires is, unprecedented so early in. The fire season they've ordered thousands of residents to evacuate their homes and say the fires are only about one third contained in the meantime attendee, owed blaze affecting a large area west of the city of reading his only gradually being brought under control six people died here four of them firefighters both areas remain under. A red flag warning as hot and windy conditions for the fires to spread, continue Joanna jolly with that report more than one thousand firefighters, tackling blazes in Portugal and Spain where temperatures have climbed to forty, six degrees approaching the all time record red alerts have been issued across the Iberian peninsula with one fire near. The Spanish city of better horse declared out, of control vulnerable people of all ages have been advised sustained, doors world news from the BBC The US first lady Melania Trump has expressed support for the basketball player LeBron James hours after her husband made insulting remarks about. Him on Twitter BBC's Chris Buckler, has more LeBron James is without any doubt one of the, biggest stars in American sports but he's found. Himself in the, news again because of his criticism of Donald Trump on CNN he accused the president of using sport to split. The US apart in, an angry tweets Mr.. Trump fired back at both of basketball star on the news network but LeBron James has a surprising ally Mr. Trump's own wife a statement by the first lady's spokeswoman said Melania Trump was impressed, by LeBron James is work to do good things on behalf of the. Next generation police in the US city of Portland in Oregon have been trying to separate a rally by too far right groups patriot. Prayer and proud boys from counterprotest as police used, stun grenades to disperse the Testers saying rocks and bottles have been. Held at the police had warned the demonstrators to leave their gums attain, the. US secretary of state Mike Pompeo has met the Indonesian. President Joko Widodo in Jakarta on the last, day of his five-day trip to Asia they were expected to discuss advancing security ties bilateral trade. And investment goals earlier Mr. Pompeo said diplomatic and economic pressure must be maintained on North. Korea to achieve denuclearization the Russian foreign ministry says it has appointed the. American actress Steven Seagal as a special. Envoy for humanitarian ties. With the United States making the announcement on, its official Facebook page the ministry said it would be an unpaid position similar to that of a United Nations goodwill ambassador Steven Seagal he's martial arts prowess helped to make him an international film star in the late ninety. Nine hundred and early nineties was granted Russian citizenship in nineteen twenty sixteen Phoebe scene News.

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