Saudi Arabia expels Canadian ambassador over criticism of arrests


Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jim hawk the second week of testimony in the Paul. Manafort trial begins today NPR's Windsor Johnston reports the former Trump campaign chairman is facing more than a dozen tax and Bank fraud charges that trial will resume today with the defense team's cross examination of manafort's former accountants, Cindy LaPorta, who was granted immunity in exchange for her cooperation. She testified last week that she went along with falsifying manafort's tax records. The court is also expected to hear from manafort's, longtime business partner, Rick gates, this week, gates pleaded guilty in February two, lying to investigators and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors as part of his plea deal. Manafort is facing eighteen counts of Bank and tax fraud and could spend the rest of his life in prison. If convicted Windsor Johnston, NPR news, Washington, a sharp diplomatic. Squabble between. Canada and Saudi Arabia as. Dan carpenter reports the Saudis have accused Canada of interfering. In their internal affairs and have ordered the Canadian ambassador to leave the country Saudi Arabia says. It is also suspending any new trade with Canada behind the. Diplomatic quarrel is Ottawa's insistence at the Saudis release jailed civil rights activists the kingdom has already recalled its own ambassador in Ottawa and given the Canadian diplomat twenty four hours to leave Saudi Arabia Canada's department of global, affairs had, said it was gravely concerned about the arrests in. The kingdom including the detention of activist and blogger rift Badawi his wife. And children live in Quebec in a statement the, Saudi foreign ministry, said it, will not, accept any form of interfering in, the country's internal affairs and sees Ottawa's position as an attack which requires a firm. Response for NPR news I'm Dan carpenter talking Toronto the US ambassador to Bangladesh has escaped unharmed after her convoy. Came under attack in, the capital, Dhaka, NPR's Mara Kennedy Reports the US embassies has. Armed men attacked the ambassadors convoyed some of the assailants were on motorcycles all diplomatic personnel are safe the, embassy says though two of the cars were damaged this happened at the same time as. Ten student protests, in Dhaka after two young people were mowed down and killed by bus last week the demonstrators are pushing for safer roads and tighter traffic, regulations the government is trying to convince the. Students to go home and. Over the weekend police fired tear gas at the crowd. Dozens of students have been reported injured Mary Kennedy NPR news A powerful earthquake struck the. Indonesian tourist island of Lombok on Sunday killing at least eighty two people and shaking neighboring Bali one week after another quake on. Lombard killed, more than a dozen people hundreds of others were reported injured. In the magnitude seven point o. quake which struck Sunday evening Lombok island was already working to recover from the magnitude six. Point four quake on July twenty ninth, this is, NPR news In Japan the city of Hiroshima has marked the seventy third anniversary of the nineteen forty five atomic bombing the US. Attack killed one hundred forty thousand people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing killed seventy thousand three days. Later the anniversary comes amid hopes to denuclearize North Korea after its pledge to do so at the. Singapore summit in June Cincinnati high school teacher has set a, record for rowing across the North Atlantic Ocean alone in the shortest amount of time Larry Miller reports Bryce Carlson is also the first American to complete the journey. Biology teacher Bryce Carlson landed in the isles of silly. Off the southwest English coast thirty. Eight days six hours and forty nine minutes after setting off from Saint John's Newfoundland Carlson beat the previous record by around fifteen, days Carlson's, twenty foot boat was. Filled with technology that kept him on a straight course and informed about weather conditions but he. Says a capsized more. Than a dozen times Carlson also says he survived hurricane Chris feel like I had a lot of luck along the way and a lot of help a lot of help from friends my family the community From some higher power. I dunno Carlson says is focused now is to be a more mentally and emotionally attentive teacher and coach for NPR news I'm, Larry Miller, in London With a..

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