Meghan McCain says she talks to Joe Biden 'all the time'


Today and a Glenn headlong island gas station had happened at. The citgo on the one hundred block of Glen head road I would like to. Stress at this time that. This, is. Not a random occurrence this. Is. A targeted event Vigils were employed at this I have not said what the beef was between the two men involved a small airplane that toes advertising banners crashed on a runway at Lakewood. Township airport, in New Jersey this afternoon the pilot who was the only person aboard the aircraft, was injured in the crash no word on his condition or. What brought down the plane several New Jersey communities continue. To clean up this weekend following a rough day of weather that closed out the workweek more. On that from, wwl awards James flippin well it was a soggy July around the. Tri, state and so far anyway August isn't an improvement with a tornado, wreaking havoc in queens Thursday the soaking rain wasn't far behind Friday and along with it high winds taking down a tree in Glen rock crashing into the. Home of Mary Beth Thompson when we checked upstairs and we saw that we had water coming from, the attic through the bedrooms all. The way down to basement. So it's quite a mess. And her husband Andrew agrees we'll probably still. Be able to stay here I would imagine just camp out. On the. Living room floor, I guess no injuries reported but upwards of twelve thousand homes and businesses did lose power in central In northern. Jersey James, flippin for seven ten w. w r. NYPD cops continue to search for a man, who attempted to rape a woman as she tried to get. Into her apartment near queens boulevard wwl wars Terry McCreevy. Has the story authorities say the victim broke free after she was grabbed from behind while standing. Outside the apartment, building on fifty fifth street in Woodside the attack was caught on. Surveillance, video the suspect is described as bald about one hundred and fifty, pounds and five feet seven inches tall wearing a black shirt white pants and black shoes I'm Terry McCreevy for seven ten w r. NYPD cops searching for. A gunman who shot a man to death in the Bronx late Friday night police say the victim, forty two year old man he. Was shot in the chest. This was about eleven thirty. Near the grand gone course police have not. Made any arrests have no motive for the gunfire President Trump. Heading to a rally in, Ohio tonight could face controversy thereafter reigniting the feud with hometown hero LeBron James. James has accused the, president of trying to divide the country through sports President Trump tweeted that a CNN interview with James this week makes him look smart which the president says is, not easy, to do more in that from, chief political analyst Matthew Dowd this is such a political and I think moral mistake for what he just did keep in mind, a couple of things the Brian James. Is been voted one of the greatest athletes of all time Donald Trump by many, historians as seen as one of the, worst presidents of all time. The Brian James is probably, the most beloved athlete today Donald Trump has the lowest approval ratings of any president today now rally taking place in a, high school in Ohio a federal judge rejecting. A Trump administration request to make. Immigration rights groups like the ACLU chase down deported migrant. Parents so they can be reunited. With their children Texas democratic congressman Mark VC says it's not the ACLU job. To fix the situation that is absolutely insane that they would ask On for a nonprofit organizations to try and clean up a mess that they call a. US district judge said the ACLU can help but it was, the government that separated the children from their parents so the responsibility remains with the White. House Megan, McCain she's opening up about, her dad who's ill Jayson Campadonia has more in an interview with glamour magazine recently she says. She's scared of America without her. Father US Senator John McCain she goes on. To say that longtime family friend former vice president Joe Biden checks in with the family. Often the Zona lawmakers been diagnosed with the deadly form. Of brain cancer similar to the one that killed Biden son. Megan, ends the interview saying that her dad was strict, and that was, so she can survive her father's prognosis Jason Campidoglio NBC News Radio twin wildfires in northern California have, destroyed at least fifty five home sent thousands, of, residents fleeing the two fires covering a larger area than the deadly wildfire in. Reading which continues to grow by the way Governor Jerry Brown surveying the damage in Shasta county today warning there's a new normal of devastating wildfires that Californians will have to get used to maybe a thousand years ago there was a drought Scientists, estimate lasted one hundred and fifty years don't know whether that's happening. Again vogue gotta, be ready a major Japanese automobile manufacturer says it's enjoying a stellar first quarter more on that from AP herald Toyota Friday posted a. Nineteen percent, rise in, first-quarter profits, beating, estimates the company credits the rise to cost reductions and sales. Growth in Asia to Europe made over six billion dollars in operating profit in the first quarter AP herald NBC News Radio wwl sports the Mets getting another shot at Atlanta. Tonight at city field Johnny Manziel. Returned to the field did not go well for. Him or the Montreal Alouette former Heisman Trophy winner through four first. Half interceptions in his CFL debut as, much we all lost, fifty two eleven and, now here's your w award Weather Channel forecast it is going to be hot over the next couple of days now we will see mostly clear skies some spotty patchy. Fog as we drop Back up or sixty s to the mid seventies early patchy fog for Sunday otherwise lots. Of sunshine, up to, around, ninety, I'm, meteorologist Jeff Eno your next news comes at the top of..

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