EU's Moscovici says trade differences persist after G20 talks


The alpenhorn academy of Switzerland which. Offers courses Let's return to the shooting incident in the Canadian city of Toronto police say nine people have been wounded by a gunman Jody Steinhauer, witnessed what happened All of a sudden we heard what sounded like very very. Loud firecrackers Ten fifteen blocks. And someone just said run get to the back of the restaurant now and then it was silent about five. To ten went off and y'all clear to the back of the restaurant and then we started to. Hear people scream out front and a woman was pulled inside in shot and we were, told that four to six people on the Danforth was shot right here and we just tried to call nine one of, his right now and looking out the window or stuck in the. Restaurant and there's police and paramedics. Ambulance everywhere and just mayhem down here nobody really knows what's going on we'll bring you more on that story as we get it each year more than two hundred million cases of malaria are reported. Around, the world and nearly half a million people die from the disease now the authorities in the US have approved new. Drug being hailed as the most significant advance in malaria, treatment in decades Quin treats recurring form of the disease called vivax strain missed common. In south and southeast Asia and Latin America by killing Dumont malaria parasites that lie in, the liver professor Richard price is from Oxford University vivax is a ferry disease I've seen young children get infection after infection, until they become sicker and sicker and eventually succumb to the actual. Malaria or to other diseases that. Come along at the same time such as pneumonia diarrhea more from our global health correspondent Smith Erdman decide vacs malaria the most common form of the disease in Latin America and south and southeast Asia. Can, be a challenge to get rid of that's because the parasite can lie dormant in the liver and reawakened several times Existing drugs can kill the sleeping parasite but need to, be taken for fourteen days and some people stop as soon as they feel better this leaves them vulnerable to disease returning and. Leaves of reservoir of malaria in the community that can be spread by mosquitoes Now the food and. Drug administration says a single dose of, two Quinn can help flush the parasite out of the liver and stop it coming back regulators will. Need to consider it side effects and then decide whether to make it available in countries where vivax is a serious threat The growing threat of an all out global. Trade war has dominated the latest g. twenty meeting. Which brought together finance ministers and bankers from the world's largest economies and at, the talks in Argentina's Saana ficials expressed concern that the US's. Policy of imposing trade tariffs and some countries could hinder global growth are South America business correspondent Daniel Gallus reports. The g. twenty summit of finance ministers warned in a joint statement. That trade, tensions risk undermining the, global economy but there, was a lot of tension in the meeting itself Europeans complained, about US tariffs being imposed on aluminium and steel that you. Commissioner for economic and financial affairs, Pierre Moscovici warned that US action is inappropriate and that Europeans are allies not foes the French finance minister Bruno. Lemaire said the you should not negotiate trade with a gun to its head but US secretary of treasury Steve Mnuchin tried to adopt Opt a softer tone he said that in upcoming talks with. G seven nations there will be efforts to drop trade barriers altogether the g. seven does not include China so there is. A hint that the US is trying to isolate the world's second-biggest economy last week President Donald Trump suggested that the US could significantly ramp up its tariffs imposing duties. On five hundred billion dollars of Chinese goods which. Is fourteen times more than the current amount Daniel gala reporting now sue has, some other stories from our news desk you cranes security service. Has defended its decision to fake the killing of the Russian journalists are county bump Janko insisting it was. A. Success the service chief Vassil Fritz said the operation two months ago. Has saved, lives he said Russia, had been planning to, assassinate dissidents in Ukraine and alligators in Moscow denies the leader, Abdul Fatah SEC says that, rumors aimed at fuelling discontent Are among the.

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