Study: Doctors give patients only seconds to explain reason for visit before interrupting


Twelve hundred. W AI President Trump facing rare criticism this week from top Republicans following the Helsinki summit with Russia's President Putin Republican leaders in congress were more measured. In, their response to leading Democrats after the Helsinki summit but even house speaker Paul Ryan and Senate majority leader Mitch, McConnell made clear their views about Russian President Vladimir Putin Vladimir, Putin does not share our. Interests buttery Putin does not share our. Values I think the Russians need to know that there are a. Lot of us who fully understand. What happened in two thousand sixteen and it really better. Not happen again McConnell says the Senate could consider additional sanctions against, Russia Russia's making a bid to free, one of its citizens a gun rights activists with close ties to several conservative groups. Including the National Rifle Association she's jailed on spying charges. In Washington Maria patina is charged by US prosecutors with a covert Russian agent his leads. To infiltrate political organizations Including the NRA but she denies wrongdoing and the Russian government. Has had back the foreign ministry and Moscow launching an online campaign for her release changing it's. Twitter profile image to, a, picture of the twenty nine, year old the Russian ambassador to the US Colin Gotovina's arrest a FOSS at the charges groundless he. Also claims American authorities tried to break. And refused requests for consular visits the National Transportation Safety board officials says it might take a year to get an official report and determine a probable cause for. The, duck boat tragedy near Branson Missouri agency spokesman Earl Weiner says a preliminary factual report on the incident likely will, be available in a couple of weeks to a month the, NTSB is working to gather. Evidence from the accident sixteen passengers and. One crew member died when that boat capsized on table rock lake. Twenty nine people were on board In this week's house call for help a new study addresses what patients report, about, being rushed in the doctor's, office this is HouseCall for health. According to a new study eleven seconds is the average amount of time doctor will give a. Patient to describe what's wrong before their cutoff researchers at the university of Florida's say only about one third of doctors give their patients. Enough time to explain what their issue is the study was based on, more than one hundred recorded doctor patient interactions they say the reasons for rushing include. Doctor burnout time constraints and poor training the head of the study.

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