Cutting Carbs Could Cut Years off Your Life


Somebody diets call for you to cut out certain, foods or food groups a new study Lancet public health says don't be. So quick to make cuts in your carbs to few can be risky to your life KRLD David Rankin asked registered. Dietitian Amy Goodson went carbs. Get a bad rap know back in the day right so we have like the no carb diet but if you remember that before that we had the eat all carts like in the nineties we're always talking about eating heart because we didn't, want to eat fat Atkins diet that kind of when that really surface back, in the early two thousand carbs got a bad rap carbonite youth that, are in your life clause implemention etc The truth is carbohydrates. In themselves do not make you fat, they don't make you gain weight it's the excess of eating carbohydrates and what type of CRA hydrates. That you're eating that can really, cause trouble long-term in, your eating habits are there good carbs and bad, carbs? Let's definitely stuff so we talk good car. Relative term so good is meaning more, coke rain in nature so west, processed so that's gonna, be a food at that is higher in fiber it's something like oh they're out. Meal Brown rice Qinhua some of those really whole grain whole wheat Bulger brand things of that nature those are hiring cyber typically also higher intrigued, by, them So those are going to be a better. Choice do I recall though the carp that of course I, would also call. Pop tarts and cookies and very sugary cereal the car. Many, of those are going to have no. Fiber or very little added sugar and be lower nutrients so those are really alas, nutrient rich, choice yet really they're all considered carbohydrates shouldn't there be, a different name for those. One would be typically like in. The nutrition world has a dietitian. Holiday whole grain carbohydrates and yeah that can be very confusing for people because whole grain can be used? Loosely in marketing, on, packages so? Ryan? Courage consumers to. Do is to flip the package over. And look at the ingredients it's the first ingredient. Is whole grain. Whole wheat whole oat whatever it is that's your security that that. Is a whole, grain, products typically that's, gonna, be a. Less processed product the key with that is that fiber helps digestion if you're. Just sitting there eating you know chips all day or Crackers or even you know some. Type, of popcorn or something you're going to. Remain a lot how this that's registered dietitian Amy

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